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    Frequency of management fee payments

    Wondering if property owners could let me know how they pay their management/site fees - monthly, six monthly, yearly or another time-scale. The reason I ask is that we have two properties - one we pay monthly in advance and the other six monthly in advance. I'm curious as to what other sites...

    5 more sleeps..............

    Only 5 more sleeps until we fly out to Yalikavak. Looking forward to seeing all the changes since last year. Hurry up Thursday. Can't wait to be sitting on my terrace with a glass of wine in my hand. :-)

    Help-Garanti bank Bodrum email needed

    Hi there We have an account with Garanti at Bodrum and have been trying to get a response from them for a week now. Emails go unanswered; no reply from faxing; nine telephone calls with no luck speaking to an English speaker. Does anybody please have an email address for the Bodrum branch...

    Virtual haircut

    My son showed me this on You Tube. Try it but make sure you use headphones and close your eyes!! YouTube - Virtual Barber Shop (Audio...use headphones, close ur eyes)

    easyJet have released Stansted flights for 2011

    Just booked my 2 holidays for next year. 2 adults and 1 child for £1450 with luggage and speedy boarding. Suppose it sounds a lot but it is 10 days over May half-term and 17 days in August. Get booking!!

    Easyjet flights for summer 2010 released

    Just to let you all know that Easyjet have released their flights for summer 2010. I've just booked for august to Bodrum. Not as cheap as this year though. Think they realise that they are on to a winner so have pushed up the prices. Janet

    Happy birthday to me!

    Just thought I'd wish myself a happy birthday. Happy birthday to all the other forum members celebrating a birthday today. Janet

    Avon - skin so soft

    Just had the latest Avon brochure pushed through my letterbox. Their 'Skin so soft' range is all half price. For everyone who recommends the dry oil body spray as a mosquito repellant, this is now £2.50. Good time to stock up. Janet

    Question about mosquitos.

    Hi We are coming to Yalikavak in April and August this year. Can anybody tell me what the mozzies will be like at these times of year. We were out in October last year and didn't find them too bad - a few bites but nothing major. Any advice will be most appreciated. Janet
  10. JAYTEE

    Latest on Pegasus flights to Bodrum

    Hi there I emailed Pegasus about their direct flights to Bodrum from Stansted. This is the reply that I received - Dear JANET TAYLOR, At the moment our Stansted-Bodrum flights are with a connection via Bodrum. The direct flights are planning about summer but there is no definite information...
  11. JAYTEE

    James Blunt on Sesame Street!

    I know James isn't to everyones taste (I love him) but this is really funny.................. YouTube - Sneak Peak of James Blunt on Sesame Street Janet
  12. JAYTEE

    The eyebrow advert by Cadburys

    Has anybody seen this? Made me really laugh. Hope I've got the You Tube link right. YouTube - Cadbury Eyebrows (official version)
  13. JAYTEE

    Help with scuba diving

    Hi there. We are coming to Yalikavak on the 17th of October (can't wait). Over the summer (not a lot of it in the UK mind ;) ) my son gained his PADI diving certificate. He is interested in doing one or dives whilst in Turkey and is wondering if there are any boats or companies in Yali that...
  14. JAYTEE

    Happy Birthday to me!!

    Just wanted to wish myself Happy Birthday.............Nobody here. Kids at school, husbands at work :(
  15. JAYTEE

    Onur Flights cancelled 10th and 17th October

    Aaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just had an email from Aegean flights that the Onur air flights on 10th and 17th (the one we are booked on) have been cancelled due to poor ticket sales. They have offered the alternative of flying to Dalaman and then a 3 hour coach transfer. Not good news. Now off to...
  16. JAYTEE

    Message to Chaz

    Hi there. I have just read your post about Horizon Sky. Very interesting - thanks. We are buying on phase 2 of the complex which should be ready June of next year. We came through Iasos when we were over last year. What is the name of the town on the other side of the peninsula with the beach...
  17. JAYTEE

    Apartment needed to rent. 2 weeks. 17 October

    Hi there. We had hoped to stay in our new apartment in Yalikavak but it looks doubtful that it will be ready in time. We are coming out for 2 weeks on 17th October until 31st October. If anybody knows of a place (preferably in Yalikavak centre and also ground floor as I am a wheelchair user...
  18. JAYTEE

    Merhaba from a new member

    Hi there. Have been browsing the forums for a while and thought it was time to introduce myself. My name is Janet and I'm from Suffolk in the UK. Married to David and have 2 boys - James and Matthew aged 13 and 9. We are currently buying 2 places in Turkey. The first is an apartment in...
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