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    Does anybody know this lady

    Christine Ransom, from Gateshead last heard of living in Bodrum. If anybody knows her could they tell her Sue Creed a very old friend is trying to contact her.I will gladly pass any messages on. Thanks all
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    Transit van

    Has anybody got a Transit van or similar that they need to get out of Turkey Reasonably priced ?
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    Michael the butcher in Kos

    Hi folks, Just to let you all know Michael the butcher has ceased trading in Kos:animation
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    Is there anybody coming across to Kos soon ?
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    peaugot van

    anyone parked a peaugot van on 06 plate in kos have heard that they might be uplifting them as they are classing them as being abandond if anybody knows who its belongs too please contact me we may be able to help
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    Van in Kos

    Anybody know who has a white Peugeot van parked up in Kos on an 06 plate,its getting damaged where its parked and the police are taking abandoned vehicles away.Get in touch we might be able to help
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    White transit van

    Does anybody know the owner of a white transit van,reg no;V810 0ER,parked up in Kos Town.If so ,could you ask them to contact me.It is in their own interest. Thanks, Rita x
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    return to Turkey

    Well those of you that know me will know about my plight to come back into Turkey.I have contacted all the relevant bodies I can think of and I am still no further forward,waiting for replies from e-mails.This is the letter that I send to Mugla polis asking for an explanation,still no reply as...
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    kos hydrofoil

    Hi Folks, Just to keep you updated,there will be NO HYDROFOIL running this winter.As far as I know there are ferries running from Bodrum mondays,wednesdays,friday and saturday Let me know if you need anymore information Rita
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    Anybody coming over to Kos soon,if so could you let me know Thanks,Rita
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    Turgutreis- Kos ferry finished

    I was informed yesterday that the Turgutreis - Kos ferry has now finished for the season,last sailing was friday,even though they said it would run till the 29th October. The hydrofoil will start again (not sure about Didem yet though) mid November when the repairs have been made to the vessel...
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    Greek Strikes

    Anybody coming to Kos in the next few days on a shopping trip you could be wasting your time.As you probably have heard there have been strikes going on and the shelves in the supermarkets are empty.They are waiting for deliveries which I have been told they will arrive by tuesday. If you need...
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    Greek strikes

    Hope none of you out there have booked to fly back to the Uk from Kos in the next few days as the airports and many other public sectors are on a two day strike.The ferries from Turkey will be operating as usual but it has been said that there will be no money available from the ATM...
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    Christas fayre

    Does anybody know who is organizing the Christmas Fayre in Turgutreis and where it is being held Thanks Rita
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    I spoke to the captain of the boat and the agent here about the service they ran last year with the hydrofoil.They are still undecided whether to run this service this year because I think they are aware that so many people willl not be coming for visas.They say they need 70-80 bookings each...
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    THIS WAS TAKEN FROM A PAGE ON THE LOCAL KOS ON-LINE NEWSPAPER,TURKEY YOU SHOULD BE PROUD This should concern us all…. How have the Turkish people achieved so much in such a short period of time. What am I talking about? Well… The authorities in Bodrum have developed and built over the last 2...
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    Its all Greek to me

    If anybody needs advice on coming to Kos,shopping etc,prices,ferries,animals whatever I will try my best to help Rita
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    Max the mıssıng street dog

    Most of you know that Max the German Shepherd street dog has gone mıssıng from Marcos.If you see hım can you please contact me and let me know. For those of you who dont know Max hes a well looked after street dog wıth a brıllıant nature.Hes no good as a guard dog and he cant be used for...
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    Leather Chesterfield for sale

    Anyone interested.Dark green leather 3 piece chesterfield suite 3 seater settee,2 club chairs and footstool.Brought over from England. Imaculate condition cost over 2,000 pounds asking 2 milyar
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