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    UK Gas & Electric Prices

    Here's a little something for all our friends who had the brains to get out of greedy Britain once and for all :- Gas and Electric prices have been raised forthwith by 19% and 10% respectively by one of the big suppliers today with the rest expected to follow suit - now there's a surprise NOT...
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    Foreign workers

    Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - New law: Employ 5 Turks for every foreign recruit Does anyone else notice a trend thats being developing for a while now towards foreigners, I am beginning to question whether or not they really do want us out of the country ??? Am I being realistic in...
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    The dangers of renting.

    Hi folks, I have just returned from my 9 days on the hillside with the 4 girls and during the last 5 days of my holiday, I encountered something which hopefully will not become the norm from now on. My ground floor apartment is Kronos C1 and for the first time on my regular visits, I had...
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    Car Hire

    If you are looking to hire transport for your stay, then may I bring to your attention a new service now being offered by Mahir and Edna of Altinkum Dream Homes ( ADH ). They have taken delivery of two brand new Renault Clios which can be hired for a very low daily hire price below the industry...
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    Whats happening at UFUK?

    Some pictures from my recent trip to the Hillside taken around Kronos C , the temperature was around the ninety mark for just about the whole 9 days it was fab. The whole complex does look rather green at the moment which hopefully will continue as a sprinkler system has now been included...
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    What single item ?

    Ted, if I offer to share, may I also please bring two things as I would also need my daily fix of :- Pretty please !!!!! Steve
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    What single item ?

    My rubberised delectable Dolores !!! Seriously though, it would have to be my gorgeous Kazuyki. Whats a one of them I hear you say ? Hes the one with four legs!!! Steve
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    Whose face could you look at all day ????

    [/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH] Think I am most definitely in love.
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    2009/2010 Maintenance Charge

    I have been in contact with Utku and have confirmed that this years fee will be 650 Euros. The matter of the habitation certificate unfortunately still appears to be at the monument committee stage awaiting release of the paperwork. Ah well " This is Turkey " Best wishes to you all Steve (...
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    What gets on your Bangor Reserves AKA Nerves

    Its my 18 month old dogs first taste of real snow, he goes absolutely mental specially as he is a Heinz 57 part Akita and part alsation who both love snow. Strange thing is though I am sure he had legs in the house & normally stands two and half feet high !! Oh yes, I forgot to add, he likes...
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    What gets on your Bangor Reserves AKA Nerves

    What gets on my Bangor ? The bl**dy snow we have had on the ground for 34 days solid now with very little sign of any quick thaw Have tried to attach a photo taken on Saturday however, it may not work as I am an auld farty and not very good at this sort of thing
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    Earthquake - The sequel

    Does anyone in Akbuk particularly people on the Hillside have anything to report following the further 4.7 earthquake in the Mediterranean yesterday please ? Apparently it was widely felt down the peninsula as the depth where its epicentre was located was only 16.1km under the Med therefore...
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    Hi all, Is there anyone on the site at the moment who can advise whether or not there has been any form of damage caused by the 5.2. earthquake this morning. If there has been any sign of damage to the buildings or the surrounding area no matter how slight, could you please let us have...
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    Payment Demand 8th September 2009

    Hi all, Afetr having returned from the Hillside early this am, I have just received the same e.mail many others of you will find in your inboxes this afternoon. There goes the central filtration and meter plus other requests again !!!! Not only that but we receive a clear threat of an...
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