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    House with 2 dogs needs a lodger for 3,5-4 months :)

    Hello, As I will be in Germany from the end of January until mid May I need a lodger in my house who can look after my 2 dogs as well. It's a very comfortable but simple furnished house with a great garden. Very close to main road (5-6 mins) and to transportation. Perfect for hiking and nature...
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    Need a driver from Bodrum to Dalaman 9th August

    Hello, i need someone who can drive me to Dalaman on the 9th of August. My boyfriend is landing at 11.05 in the morning and I have rented a car from Bodrum but I can't drive :( We will be be going to Olimpos and can take you some where in between Dalaman and Olimpos.
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    Free accomodation in exchange for dog and garden care :)

    Between the dates 26th June- 4th July I am looking for someone who can look after my garden and my 2 dogs in my house in Turgutreis. No money exchange It might be a nice holiday for someone who enjoys garden and animals. For further details please PM.
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    Rental wanted around Bitez / Ortakent / Gurece

    I posted a similar thread in April but now conditions changed. Looking for a house to rent in Ortakent, Bitez or in Gurece if it is close to Dolmus as I will start to work in Marmara College. Must have a private garden. Budget around 1000. Thank you...
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    Might anyone be interested in private or small group Yoga classes?
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    An inquiry about champagne

    Can anyone recommend me a "not too bad" and "cheap" champagne in Turkey? Or an equivalent drink you might want to take on a boat taksi around sunset time on the way to have dinner in Bitez or Bodrum?
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    Where can I advertise? Is TLF a good place to do it?

    Hello, We are starting a new business in Ortakent so I was wondering if the ads on the left handside of the forum is any interest to anyone. Because I never look at them myself I wonder if it's just me or do people actually look at them? I hope this will not make anyone angry, I'm just trying...
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    Water heater wanted

    We are looking for a second hand water heater (termosifon) around Ortakent, Bitez area. Can collect.
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    We are looking for second hand equipment for kids to use in our new Wakeboard/Waterski/Wakesurf center in Ortakent.
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    Looking for a refrigerator and a sofa set

    We are in Ortakent and we need a refrigerator and a sofa set for our new place. We actually need other things as well but these two are our main problems at the moment.
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    looking for a detached house and an apartment

    Hello, We are looking for 2 different kinds of houses. 1- For me and my boyfriend with 4 dogs around Bitez or Ortakent or somewhere close to these locations. We would like to have a detached house with an independent garden. Our budget is around 600TL. I know this is not a very big number but...
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    House to share with an English speaking old lady in Harbiye/Istanbul

    My mother is living alone in Istanbul, 10 minutes to Taksim. She has a roof dublex (you'll be living on the top floor but the entrance is from the main house) and she is planning to come to Bodrum in summer so the person will be on her/his own in the whole house when she is not present. Please...
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    Learning German

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can teach me German professionally and is "in return" interested to learn Turkish or Spanish. I'm not a total beginner. I learned German when I was in mid school and I'm still using it because my step daughter is German, but want to correct my grammar and...
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    Can you help me with my english translation?

    Hello, I'm a translator and I work from home in Bodrum. Usually, I translate from English to Turkish, but recently I was asked to translate our "beautiful" Turkish episodes into English subtitles, so that they can be exported to foreign countries. I did my best, but apparently the company who is...
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    I need a PC doctor

    Hello, I live in Ortakent and we have a desk PC (I'm not sure if this is the right word for it, I mean an old type of computer, not a laptop) which I want to sell, but can't put any price on it, because I don't have the slightest idea of its qualifications. I know you'll tell me to go to a pc...
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    looking for full house furniture

    Hello, Some of you might remember me from a while ago when I was selling some furniture. Now, I'm back to buying some, so here we go. We live in Ortakent in a villa which belongs to a friend (which will be available for renting as soon as the construction is over) and will move to a seperate...
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    Homemade Cooking to share

    Hello, I do homemade cakes and take orders for any kind of organizations (birthdays, anniversaries, surprise parties, baby showers) according to your needs. All ingredients either from my garden or from surrounding town people. All diary products from grass eating cows and sheep. I'm a...
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    cheap second hand house furniture

    Living room: L shape sofa + pouff + newspaper holder + 6-8 cushions Coffee table Dinner table + 4 chairs (can be opened to serve 6 people) Computer table + chair Halogene lamp 4-5 different sizes of rugs Bedroom: Double bed frame + mattress Single bed frame + mattress (sofa (divan) style) 3...
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