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  1. mrkeith

    David Beckham

    I know there are a lot of people around that have a dislike of this person, some because he isn't highly intelligent or he doesn't speak eloquently and some because he is an "overpaid" footballer. But I myself have a lot of time for him as a person, he it not shallow and he has his feet firmly...
  2. mrkeith

    What a world we live in.

    Blackburn death crash driver will not be deported. This has to be one of the worst situations to be in, an asylum seeker kills your kid and then is told that he can stay because deporting him would ruin his family. Is there no rights for the victims of crime or their families, why should this...
  3. mrkeith

    Carl Lewis

    With the Olympic games on the not too distant horizon and considering all the cheats and drug users that pollute athletics it was so good to listen to this man being interviewed on Aljareera. A prolific athlete that was the fastest man over 100 and 200m and gold medal winner at the long jump he...
  4. mrkeith


    Seen as we have lots of people from various backgrounds I would like say to those that celebrate it a Happy Hanukkah! to you all.
  5. mrkeith

    Horse Racing

    I am sure there are a lot of members that like a flutter on the gee gee's be it just the National or when they have a tip from a friend. But horse racing is a huge industry employing thousands of people throughout the UK and Ireland. It is for me the best racing in the world, steeped in heritage...
  6. mrkeith

    1st Ashes test England 517-1

    England 260 & 517-1 drew with Australia 481 & 107-1 Record fell as England forced a draw after looking doomed to loosing after the 3rd days play. Cook and Trott (135no) put on 329, the ninth highest England stand in history. Cook's 235 not out was the sixth best Ashes score by an Englishman and...
  7. mrkeith

    The end of the beginning

    Today in 1918 saw the end of the 1st world war (great war). millions of people died both military and civilian of all race and creed, all political and religious persuasions. Many were conscripts and many under 18 years old. A lot of armies around the world fought in battalions from set areas...
  8. mrkeith


    Here to stay!! boing boing!!!!
  9. mrkeith

    First of the season

    A machine started the demolition of a building 100m away on Wednesday 20th to make way for a small apt block. tat tat tat tat tat...
  10. mrkeith

    Downloading top tips

    If you are like me and download movies and series from the internet to watch on the tv or computer you will know that sometimes it can slow your internet down drastically especially if you have more that one pc running off it. Here is the answer though not applicable to all and some my already...
  11. mrkeith

    Shopping at Ramazan's

    Now me I hate markets, over priced rubbish and "cheap as chips" being spat at you as you walk along. I have explained to a couple of traders that chips are not cheap here, and one well lets just say he came within a hairs breath of being interviewed about the groin. Anyway last eve we went...
  12. mrkeith

    Luxury sun lounger for quick sale

    Due to unforseen financial circumstances I am reluctantly having to sell this luxurious piece of out door furniture. Offers welcomed
  13. mrkeith

    Rwanda & DR Congo rape and genicide,. Who cares?

    In the Democratic republic of Congo it is estimated that 15,000 rapes took place last year, during June, July and August mass rapes of men women and children took place commited by rebels fighting for the liberation of Rwanda. It is now being reported that government troops sent there to oust...
  14. mrkeith

    Fishermans Turkish

    the words: gitmek- to go gelmek- to come getirmek- to bring git gel- go come. also used for the tıde pazaar- market/shop If you find yourself in a situation where you need to go and return or you want some one to fetch you some thing a basic form of Turkish can be git gel (go come) ie,Ben banka...
  15. mrkeith

    Intelligence, Stephen Fry

    Dailymotion - The Intelligence² Debate - Stephen Fry (Unedited) - a Film & TV video@@AMEPARAM@@ very thought provoking look at the largest religion in the world
  16. mrkeith


    I know that this is probably a spin of from the raj and there is a very serious side to India's "caste" system but i think this story is great. Mumbai's famous tiffin carriers - popularly known as dabbawallahs - are learning English and basic computing to improve their business prospects. BBC...
  17. mrkeith

    Mexico's drugs gang 'death squad'

    Maybe because people think it's only dealers killing dealers or gang rivalry means that nobody takes too much notice of events in Mexico,but the sheer numbers of people being killed and decapitated and the resorces being spent to try and control it are incredable. Some 28,000 deaths have been...
  18. mrkeith

    From Blackpool to the Bernabeu

    I read this and thought about ordinary people realising a dream and he has. Wonderful short story. BBC Sport - Football - From Blackpool to the Bernabeu
  19. mrkeith

    Radio Virgin Turkey

    Does anyone else listen?
  20. mrkeith


    Mıgros are currently sellıng the school books, they have a 20,000 word A5 format dictionary for 4.90tl
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