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    5 Bed sea view detached villa - Mavisehir

    Dear all, we are sadly selling our fully furnished 5-bed detached villa located 75m from the sea in Mavisehir, this is due to family illness in the UK. Our villa has TAPU and HABITATION paperwork. The property has a lovely unoverlooked wrap-around garden backing onto olive groves, 2 full shower...
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    car for sale

    Hi everyone, we have decided to go back to England, we have a Toyota corrolla verso 1.6 its been converted to lpg gas system only a few months a go, it has done 92200 km in silver grey looks and drives great all the rear seats go flat and the last two seats are childrens seats total number of...
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    For Bookworms! English books in Didim

    Hello just thought I would let everyone know that there is a book stall at the night market in Mavisehir now selling English books which is great as they are hard to come by here. I bought a couple of James Pattersons - he had crime, thrillers, romance etc. I don't think they are brand new...
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    House Painting quote in Altinkum

    A friend of ours would like their house painted, its an average sized 3 bed villa, with those white balustrading on the balconys. They would also like all the inside painted either white or cream. We have always done our own painting so no idea, but what would be a reasonable quote to get a...
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    Scooter and licence law change

    I've heard that from January 2011 if you drive a scooter in Turkey it has to show that you are allowed to drive a proper motorbike i.e up to 250cc on your card on your UK licence, even if your scooter is lower cc than this. I think that would rule most people out. Apparently you can be stopped...
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    2 recommendations for Didim

    Due to the increasing fuel prices for petrol we had our car switched to gas recently and were recommended by 2 independent Turkish friends a garage in Soke. They were charged 1,500 TL each, we called them straight away and got the same quote from the guy there who had some English. The garage...
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    Pegasus airlines - connecting flight baggage?

    hi everyone, I wondered if anyone has flown from Turkey to Stansted in the UK via Istanbul with Pegasus recently? If so, do you know if you have to collect your luggage from one plane to the connecting one or do they sort out the luggage for you for the last leg of the journey? I have tried to...
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    English friend marrying a Turk, help!

    Hi everyone, My friend wants to marry her Turkish boyfriend in Altinkum this summer, she had found a Turkish wedding planner, booked all the flights etc.. and now the wedding planner is wanting to charge extortionate amounts of money (GBP700 to organise paperwork!) She's asked me to help...
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    sex education in Turkey?

    This is a bit embarrassing, but I'd like to know how the Turkish schools handle sex education (if at all?). My friends kids in the UK will learn about it when they are around 11 years old apparently. Turkey, especially in the East is obviously far less open than the UK which is not a bad...
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    Getting stains off of tiled floor

    Before we bought our villa it was an empty shell for 5 years and has accumulated lots of bad stains, like rust from paint pots and some burn type marks. We have tried absolutely everything to get rid of them, including that blue acid stuff that you have to wear gloves for (neat), all that...
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    Marina Road, new lights

    Well I drove down the Marina road yesterday and they seem to be putting in the central lighting at last. Hopefully this will stop people crashing into the large unlit roundabout. Lets hope they improve the awful road service too which is shocking in the middle section and that they put some...
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    Alad in Tinky Town Panto

    I would like to thank Kym and everyone else involved in organising the above panto in Altinkum, the proceeds of which are going to a local childrens charity, (over 1,200 Lira). Me and my family really enjoyed it, it was really well put together and really funny with lots of innuendos and I...
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    Childrens residency exemption and travelling

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? This year we will be able to get the form from the school here in Didim to say that our kids have been educated here for a year. Then we won't have to buy them a residency visa, OK that's all fine. BUT, my question is, when we visit the UK next summer how will...
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    Second hand furniture, freezer etc. needed

    hello, with reference to my last couple of posts, I'm still looking for some furniture, freezer (second hand) for my new villa in Didim. I have had some kind offers, but unfortunately most people aren't here so I can't get access to see them. If anyone is here or has a key with a...
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    short mat bowls/coffee/darts etc.. in Didim, any views?

    Hi all, Through a friend I have heard that his Turkish friend is thinking about opening an area for short mat bowls (not ten pin bowling), plus darts/coffee snacks etc.. in the large basement of his current ongoing business in Didim. He is thinking of not charging anything for the use of the...
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    Wanted - household bits and bobs (Didim area)

    Hi all, We are trying to locate some good quality second hand items for our villa. Is anyone selling anything at the moment? I did have a brief look but didn't see much. We are looking for a good fridge/freezer (one with a good size freezer bit, not the little box ones) as we live here or if...
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    TC number for foreign children in school - any info?

    Hello, our school here in Turkey have advised that we need to get a TC number for our children? I said we have always given our residency visa numbers and this has been enough before? No, apparently not. This is a new rule for foreigners with foreign kids in school, on the one hand the school...
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    Boarding for high school children... views?

    I spoke to a friend recently about her oldest child who has just started high school (15 years old). The school is private and is the sister school to our current one. The child travels from Didim to Aydin on a Sunday night and he boards all week and comes back on a Friday night. This got me...
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    Visa for Goa, flying from Turkey?

    I'm thinking of going to Goa on holiday next year but flying from Turkey. I need to get an Indian visa for me and my family. Does anyone know of anywhere in Altinkum that will do this for us at a reasonable cost? thanks Jelly
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    Signature on TLF posts?

    Hello, how can I put my signature on my posts? I went into my profile, but can't see any option to edit it? thanks for your help :cheer2:
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