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  1. elaine k

    Bookeen Opus

    I have been looking for some months now at e-readers, and have today come across this one at a particularly good price, coming in at under £65 now, I am wondering if this will be a good buy for a first time e-reader buyer. I have searched for reviews on it, and they do seem to be favourable...
  2. elaine k

    Garra Rufa Fish

    I travel to Turkey at least once a year, and I am unaware of anywhere that offers the treatment of using Garra Rufa fish to remove dead skin off your feet. I recently tried this and just loved it, they really did have a good old nibble at my dead skin, apart from actually being a lovely...
  3. elaine k

    dalyan holiday

    Back from having a lovely time in Dalyan. Exceptionally hot there, with the temperature being coolest from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm, after which the the temperature began to rise again. Did a few different things while there, booked two trips with coop for midnight bbq and ekincik caves. they then...
  4. elaine k

    Dalyan-Calis Beach

    Is there a way to Calis Beach from Dalyan, and if so how much does it cost to get there.
  5. elaine k

    smells and ramadan

    I hope someone can answer this question, as while its not the most pressing islamic question, it has puzzled me for the last year. Last year I holidayed during Ramadan, in a shop that sold perfume I sprayed some on me. The owner, who was trailing me around the shop ran away rather fast, at first...
  6. elaine k

    I am very excited!

    I have chosen Dalyan as my holiday destination this year in August, and am very excited about the prospect. I have been looking closely at things to do in this area where to eat and any tips on the local area, and was wondering if there are any recommendations from people on here about things...
  7. elaine k

    dolmus from bitez

    hopefully someone will be able to answer this for me. I have checked back and cant seem to find the answer in earlier posts. Is it possible to catch the dolmus from Bitez to other areas and if so which locations? On trip advisor everyone seems to go to Bodrum first and then to the destination...
  8. elaine k

    dolmus routes

    I apologise if this has been asked before, but what regular towns do the dolmus' travel in peak season from Yalikavak. I know there are regular ones to Gumbet, Bodrum, but where else can I access, using the Dolmus and of course, get back from.
  9. elaine k

    boat trips from yalikavak

    I have just been looking into boat trips from Yalikavak, and have discovered that there is a cooperative in Yalikavak, which means that there is just one price charged of 50liras per adult and 25liras per child to include lunch. These trips run either north or south along the coastline. What I...
  10. elaine k

    self catering apartments in yalikavak

    I am considering visiting Yalikavak this summer and have found two self catering apartments that interest me. One of these is Cimentepe and the other is Mer-can. I would like to know if anybody knows anything about these apartments, for example in reality are they close to supermarkets for...
  11. elaine k

    new to the forum

    hi to all of you, i have just joined the forum so that I can gleam information from all you wise people with regards to purchasing a property in Turkey. I live in Preston, Lancashire, I am married to Howard and have two children, a 17 yr old son and an 11 year old daughter. One of things that...
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