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    Paperwork needed for marriage

    Hi, I am looking at what information a uk citizen with residency in Turkey would need to get married in Turkey. I have heard it’s a certificate of non impediment and has to have an apostille. Does anyone know how or where I would get this from please. Any information would be much appreciated...
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    Deniz bank information

    Hi, I am trying to phone the Deniz bank in Kusadasi from the UK and I am having trouble getting through. Does anyone know if Gizem Kahveci is still there and also is she the only person there that speaks good English. If anyone has the phone number for her that would be great. Thanks
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    Price of a new mattress

    Hi, I need to get a new double size mattress, anyone got any idea of prices please and the best place to buy one. Thanks
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    Water dispensers

    Hi, Has anyone seen any offers on water dispensers please, the ones where they are both hot and cold water. Would prefer the ones where the water goes at the bottom of the machine but I don't mind either way. Thanks
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    Long term let

    Hi, we are thinking of letting out our 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom penthouse duplex apartment on a long term let. It is very big at 165 sq metres, has a fabulous pool/children's pool, play area and bar. Gardens are kept immaculate in a gated complex entered by key fob so fully secure. If you or anyone...
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    Hi, I am trying to get in touch with Denizbank but I am having no luck whatsoever. I have tried phoning the call centre number but getting no reply and I have also found a number on the website for the bank itself but can't get through. As I am phoning from England, I am wondering if anyone...
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    Uk birth certificate/passport

    My Daughter lives in Northern Cyprus and gave birth to a baby 3 weeks ago. My Daughter is English, babies Dad is Turkish, they are not married. The babies birth has been registered in Northern Cyprus, does anyone know how she can register the birth in the UK as she wants to apply for a European...
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    Swift code

    Hi, does anyone know what the swift code is for the Denizbank in Kusadasi Carsi Subesi 72870172 is please. Thanks
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    Monarch hold luggage

    Hi, has anyone flown with monarch recently? We have booked the extras package with them which includes baggage etc, but I'm not sure if I will get all of the 26 kg in one bag, I know some airlines let you take it in 2 bags but when I've looked on the website it says it costs over £42 to take a...
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    Tax on property rental income in Turkey?

    Hi, can anyone advise me on the tax you pay on renting out an apartment please. We have just rented ours out for and have only had one full week, a 4 day let, a 3 day let and a 1 night stay but have had £110 deducted from the payments due to tax, does this sound right? By the time the cleaning...
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    Hi, has anyone got a phone number or e-mail address of an English speaking bank assistant in any Denizbank branch please. We are having problems with our mortgage account in kusadasi, someone keeps phoning us in England but we can't understand them as they do not speak English and we are now...
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    Hotel info

    Hi, can anyone tell me what the Grand Zaman Beach Hotel is like please and is it near the beach. Thanks
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    HSBC bank Kusadasi email address?

    I wonder if anyone that banks with HSBC in kusadasi has an e-mail address of an English speaking bank assistant please. My husband has received two calls recently from them but when we phone the number which must be a call centre, they don't understand us and say no one speaks English there. We...
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    Recommend a nice 4/5 star hotel nr Cleopatra Beach ?

    Hi, does anyone know of any nice 4/5 star hotels near to Cleopatra beach please. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Extra luggage with turkish airlines

    Hi, has anyone booked extra luggage, as in 2 extra suitcases when travelling with turkish airlines. We have looked on the website but can't understand how to work out a price or how to book it. Also has anyone got a phone number or e-mail address we could contact them in the uk. Any help would...
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    Parking at Manchester airport

    Anyone know of any good car parking at Manchester airport please. We are flying from terminal 1. Also anyone know any discount codes please. We are flying with turkish airways and have connecting flights in Istanbul, does anyone know if the luggage goes straight through or do we need to collect...
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    Any ideas? shopping for a cheap bed.

    Anyone know the cheapest place to buy a single bed with storage under ( the ones that lift up) in or around side/ manavgat or has anyone got one to sell please.
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    connecting flights

    has anyone who has had a connecting flight at istanbul airport with only an hour between flights actually managed to catch the flight in time. also do they transfer the baggage between the planes for you or do you have to collect from the carousel and then check them in again. not sure wether to...
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    Tasucu ferry

    hi, can anyone tell me how far it is from side to tasucu? also has anyone used the ferry from there over to cyprus? Thanks
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    extradition from turkey to the uk

    does anyone know what the law is regarding someone getting extradited from turkey to the uk please.
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