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  1. Bubbafella

    Personal ID Number

    Hi all, Went to see my accountant today here in Turkey, whilst chatting he advised me that all Foreigners now need to have there own Personal Identity number the same as the Turks have. He was able to give me mine whist I was there by looking it up on the internet from an official site. The...
  2. Bubbafella

    Friendly Jandarma

    I got pulled over the other day by the Jandarma just doing a routine check. I was asked for the car documents as normal and handed them to the officer, he had a quick look through them, then to my horror he told me that my insurance had expired two weeks ago!! This was a complete oversite by...
  3. Bubbafella

    Antalya/Alanya Newspaper

    Hi, can anyone help, I'm trying to locate any English Newspaper that is distributed in the Antalya/Alanya area. If you know of any, can you let me have the details. Many Thanks Bubba
  4. Bubbafella

    Turkish Superman

    Hi all, came across this made me chuckle. Worth an Oscar for acting and special effects. Turkish Superman Bubba
  5. Bubbafella

    Have I been naughty?

    ...Mmm just having a browse and clicked on my profile on TLF and saw that in the referrals there was a 1 Does this mean that one of my posts or threads has been reffered to a Mod? if so should I have advised, I can't recall receiving anything or am I barking up the wrong tree here. If I'm not...
  6. Bubbafella

    Proxy Server

    HI, I hope someone out there can help. I have tried to watch UK TV and USA TV from my laptop here in Turkey such as CBS,FOX,ABC,BBC IPLAYER, CHANNEL4 ONLINE, but the chances are you wont be able to watch them from turkey because the websites can tell which country you are in. I understand...
  7. Bubbafella

    Catch up TV

    Hi all, I was searching the web the other night trying to find the last couple of episodes of "Rome" if you have not seen the series it's worth a watch. They made two series and will possibly make a third. Anyway not only did I find a site it also had the entire two series on there all...
  8. Bubbafella

    Anti-spy software

    Hi all, can anyone recomend any free safe software that's out there that will locate and clean tracking cookies and any other nasties that embed, also any software that will optimise my laptop. Any other free useful software that anyone uses. Ta Bubbafella
  9. Bubbafella

    Dam & Green Canyon

    Hi all, thought we would go for a drive out today we ended up visiting the Dam just outside of Manavgat. We were able to drive to the top of the Dam and park, the views were very good with a nice welcome breeze. We were able to take some great photos. There was one stall at the top selling...
  10. Bubbafella

    Sea and Dolphin World Alanya

    Hi all, just a quickie drove past the new seaworld and Dolphin park in Alanya the other day so on the way back out of Alanya I popped in to enquire about prices and pick up some info. To watch just the Dolphin show it was 35ylt To pay for a one day pass that gives you acces to the sea park...
  11. Bubbafella

    Dentist Side/Manavgat

    Hi I am looking for a good Dentist in Side/Manavgat My wife needs a new crown, the quote from our Dentist in the UK is very expensive. So if anyone as had treatment in the Side/Manavgat area and can recommend a practice that would be great. Also anyone had crown work done, what was the cost...
  12. Bubbafella

    Impossible Quiz doh!!!

    Ok ,for all the brain box's out there try this "The worlds impossible quiz" It will make you groan, but to get the correct answers you must think "outside the box" I only managed to get to question 25 then I had used up my three lives. Have fun let me know how you get on. Oh by the way takes...
  13. Bubbafella

    Home and Contents Insurance

    Hi all, I need to sort out home and contents insurance for my proprty in Side, it's one of those jobs that needs can anyone point me in the right direction of a good insurance company here in Turkey or the UK, and if possible advise on any good experience you may have had when...
  14. Bubbafella

    which flour

    Hello All, Can you tell me what is the turkish equivalent for the following and what is it called Plain Flour Self Raising Flour Can you buy frozen puff/shortcrust/filo pastry, if so what is it called? Thank You, Bubbafella
  15. Bubbafella

    Side Members

    Hi all, been away from the forum for a while dealing with one or two problems, so I have not had the time to Contrabute, but I'm back now with a clear head. Just noticed that Mushtaq has put Side on as a sub forum, thanks Mushtaq, So thought I would Introduce myself to all members who live in...
  16. Bubbafella

    Thick and Fast

    I bought a place about 3 years ago in a place called Colakli even though it on the fringes. Having visited quite a few times over the years I have noticed a steady increase in building in the area and quite a bit on the main road to Kumkoy. When I arrived there only three weeks ago, I was...
  17. Bubbafella

    Turkish Driving Licence

    Hi all, just got back from Turkey after spending two and a half weeks there. Whist I was over there I hired a car. Talking to an ex pat in a local bar in Side one night, he asked if I had any intention of driving any longer than three months at any one time whilst in Turkey. I told him that it...
  18. Bubbafella

    Greatest Footballer

    With the Football being the biggest sport worldwide watched by millions and played by all countries, Who would you rate as the best player past or present and why. Mine may not be a popular choice, but for me it has to be Diego Armando Maradona, for single-handedly taking Argentina and...
  19. Bubbafella

    World stat's-makes you think!!

    Found this site, if your into world stat's or not this is still worth a look. Makes you stop and think!! Bubba
  20. Bubbafella

    You move NO You move!!

    Had this sent to me thought it was quite funny....Ahh the Americans This is the transcript of an ACTUAL radio conversation between a US Naval ship and the Canadians, off the coast of Newfoundland, Oct 95. Radio conversation released by the Chief of Naval Operations 10-10-95. CANADIANS: Please...
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