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    Hurry! Time limited FREE Offer For Expats Urgent! The UK government will lockdown millions of pensions in April 2015. Make sure yours isn’t one of them I read this on the dwp site, I don't know how to copy it all. Has any one else seen it
  2. may

    Happy Birthday Shirleyannetr

    Happy Birthday to my dearest friend Shirlyannetrtr Hope you have an amazing day:cheers::emot150ms:474cu:
  3. may

    Happy Birthday Jane68

    Have a great day Debbie :)
  4. may

    9-10 am

    At 9-10 this morning it was 9-10 11/12/13
  5. may

    Happy Birthday Shirleyanntr

    Happy Birthday Shirley, I hope you have a great day. :474cu:
  6. may

    Happy Birthday vjh265

    I hope you have a great day. A big thank you for last night Brian had a lovely birthday meal, he said that steak will last him till next year.:blowkiss:
  7. may

    Happy Birthday Jane 68

    Happy Birthday Debbie hope you have a great day:474cu:
  8. may

    Andy Murray

    So sorry Andy's just lost, he said he would be back next year.
  9. may

    Happy Birthday

    Many happy returns Shirleyann (from Viking ) We are looking forward to your party tonight. It will be like a forum meeting with so many of the forum members going, we will have a good catch up and knees up. :474cu:
  10. may

    Happy Birthday Shirleyanntr

    Hi Shirley I hope you have a very happy birthday with lots of presents, I'm sure Yusuf will do you proud. You share the same birthday as Prince William what do you think of that Princess for a day Eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. may

    School visit in Alanya

    On Saturday my turkish friend Nilgün invited us to her 8 year olds school to see him in the school drama class. It was a two hour show with little sketches and dancing and singing. The first half was in turkish the second half was in english, I was really impressed. The children were near on...
  12. may

    pork butcher in Oba

    new pork butcher opened in Oba. On the window there is a big poster of the inside of a pig showing the different cuts of meat, similar to the posters in UK butchers and supermarkets. This new butcher is on 20. sokak
  13. may

    changed my avatar

    I thought I'd change my avatar it is only 1st January, but no harm in looking forward to the summer and the long sunny days lounging in my pool :24:
  14. may

    I love my Turkish friends

    On Sunday my Turkish friends called for us to take us to a football match, ( I thought a football match!! ) They took us to the football parks at Gold City where Arsenal ladies team were playing Belarus. They heard an English team was playing and thought we would enjoy seeing them which we did...
  15. may

    China bank.

    I was in HSBC in Alanya on Thursday and the bank manager asked me to think about investing some money in China. He said if I invested for one year I would get an interest rate of 10%. Has anyone heard of this? He quoted 10,000 lira. He also said the interest rate here would be going down over...
  16. may

    First house & mortgage.

    While writing about my first wage in another thread, it took me back to my first mortgage. It was for a one bedroom flat at the top of a close, the flat cost £800we only had it just over a year when the council bought it from us, they gave us £1000. and a new three bedroom council flat. I think...
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