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    Young kittens

    Hi all, Need some advice please. I'm a big animal lover and on arrival to my holiday home in Turkey I came across one of the regular cats which has a litter of four staying in my garden. The kittens are approximately 6 -8 weeks old. I have been feeding them daily, however a couple of nights...
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    Using an electric mitre saw

    Hi all, Does anyone know if I'm allowed to use a electric saw to cut wood during the summer season in Akbuk? I want to construct a wooden shed. I already have a concrete base. Thanks in advance. :smile:
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    pegasus summer flights

    Looked at pegasus summer flights for next year from London Stanstead to Bodrum and noticed there were connecting flights. This was in August. Whats this all about? I thought summer flights were direct!.. confused..
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    Hi all. Here is my question? I have bought a villa on a complex which should of been completed a year ago, the villa is eighty percent complete however the complex is way behind. What I would like to know is can I finish off my own villa and obtain Tapu or does all complex have to be finished...
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    Bargain Villa

    This is not my villa! shame.. It is advertised on a property website. It looks like a bargain. I thought I would put on TLF as it seems a good buy :heh:
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    MSN Hackers

    Good morning Guys and Ladies, I recieved a e-mail from one of my contacts yesterday asking me to click on a link which shows people who have blocked you on MSN. When you click into link:, it will ask you for hotmail address and password! If anyone does recieve this message DO...
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    Good morning all, Can someone please tell me where it would be best to change over money in Altinkum as last time I went over I had problems changing money in the bank. Thankyou!
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    M.Pyramid Resort

    Hi I have purchased one of the propertys situated on the M. Pyramid resort, I would love to hear from others who have purchased on this site. Hopefully will be going out soon to check progress. Bye for now.
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    Messing about.
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    Seasonal Greetings

    Hi all, I would like to wish everyone on this forum a very merry Christmas and a Healthy new year. I hope 2007 will be a good year for Turkey. I bought a off-plan villa in Akbuk, which should be ready for September 2008. I have the option of keeping the villa or selling it back to the...
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    Off plan villa in Akbuk

    Hi all, I have been offered a 3 bed detached villa with pool for 50000, is Akbuk a up and coming area?, what is the tourist rate in this area? I think this offer seems to good to be true. I have also been offered a 2 bed appartment in Altinkum also off plan near didim market facing the pool...
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    Capital gains

    Hi can anyone tell me how capital gains is worked out in turkey,do they have any allowances?, i.e buying and selling costs. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hi everyone, Help!

    I found this forum yesterday, loads and loads of good info. I am looking to invest in Turkey in the Altinkum region. I am looking into off-plan developments I believe this is a good way of investing and getting the cheapest prices. I will be investing with Sunset homes,(APPOLLO COURT2) a new...
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