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    Newspapers for ex pats

    Yes I did from your post. I do like reading books that give a perspective from an outsider so to speak. And the write ups were good and stirred my interest. I haven't started it yet as I've got an Irish one about Irish slaves 'between the tides' on the go atm. But I really am itching to get to...
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    Newspapers for ex pats

    Looking forward to reading your book. Good reviews.
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    Question Turkish citizen stranded in Uk

    Yes look at come fly with me on Facebook. They truly are brilliant. Your daughter has a valid reason to fly to Turkey and would be classed as essential travel...... child father is in Turkey as is also husband. However she will have to find a good flight route to get there. Many others are...
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    Stray - worth a watch

    Hopefully will be watching this especially now you've reminded me.
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    Question Property Cleaning rates?

    Sounds extremely overpriced to me. Obviously we dont know the true size of your villa but I think someone is taking the p. Shop around definitely.
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    Help Advise needed re buying property in Alanya

    You will get lots of tips on here but it all depends what you have in mind. Do you want an apartment or a villa on your own plot or a villa in a complex. Do you want an apartment that has all singing and dancing gyms and pools etc. Do you want to live there or are you wanting to rent out your...
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    Retiring to Fethiye

    Seen nothing of them on FB since end of last year.
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    Alanya news good or bad

    Very sad. So many green spaces being decimated in Turkey.
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    Alanya news good or bad

    Good news
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    Looking to retire in Alanya, seeking tips

    Just to add that I was mortified to see Mahmutlas high rise blocks everywhere. Blocking light as they were so close together. Look out your window to someone else's window. I personally would not entertain this area for this reason plus I don't speak Russian so it's a no no. You must go back and...
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    Happy Birthday Enoch

    Happy birthday to you. Hope you have a good one.
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    Looking to make friends in Alanya

    I expect you will be advised to introduce yourself on here first of all. One has to be very careful.
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    Happy Birthday to me!

    Happy birthday to you.
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    Stray animal laws

    Could be a problem for many, particularly expats that tend to look after stray animals in their homes. Although it sounds good there will have to be exceptions for those that care and look after animals. Maybe a license to keep more than 3 like the UK used to do. It's not good that these people...
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    Tourist ,Foreigners Disrespect Tourist Sites

    Disgusting people. When in Rome!!!
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    I do so hope the big one they keep predicting doesn't come. In┼čallah
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    Help - please

    Many printers have planned obsolescence programmed in. Worth a Google if your printer is a few years old.
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    Help - please

    I used to get that with mine occasionally. I was told to take cartridges out then replace pressing them in extra firmly. I would have to do it about 3/4 times and it worked every time. Also worth remembering that a printer has a life span and will not print after the designated number of prints .
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    Top Tv

    If anyone doesn't mind sub titles and French the 'Spiral 'series is brilliant. No: 1-8. Also many of the Nordic noir series are also brilliantly executed.
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    Some I know dont want Chinese vaccine. Mind you neither do I.
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