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  1. niamh

    Electricity costs

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this bill sounds 'right'. We have a 15m by 1.3m deep pool, only 2 villas on site. Our neighbour does all the maintenance and the deal is we split costs 50:50. Our first electric bill for the pools summer debut is 48tl (so 96tl total). The pool was...
  2. niamh

    Crazy paving

    Can any of you who have had Dalyan 'crazy paving' laid tell me who you used to do it?
  3. niamh

    Semi permanent make up

    I noticed a salon up towards cafe dalyano (on opposite side of the road) advertising semi perm makeup. Has anyone had this done in Dalyan? I looked into this in UK but it was quite pricey (I want my eyebrows and possibly upper eyeliner done) any feedback much appreciated!
  4. niamh

    DALYAN - puppy needs home

    Whilst out walking my dog yesterday, we saw a young (4-6months?)male dog zig zagging up the iztuzu beach road. The pup was disorientated and distressed. I ASSUME he has been dumped, given his behaviour. My dog wanted to play but the pup was too scared and ran away. On our way back, the pup is...
  5. niamh

    T shirt printing

    Does anyone know where you can get tshirts printed with your own sdesign in/near Dalyan? I've looked at online printers but would rather go in somewhere to explain what I want. Cheers x
  6. niamh


    Yes I am aware that letting off steam is far better done 'in person' but Arrggghhhh I'm going to take advantage of padded room and hope that someone here agrees with me and thus mollifies me :p I posted a reply on a Facebook page re the whole residency rigmarole, using a point someone on tlf...
  7. niamh

    Any plumbers on here?

    Sorry this isn't really DIY but wasn't sure where else to put it. I recently put blue blocks in my upstairs toilet cisterns, a couple days later blue water came through the hot water (on a mixer tap) in the downstairs kitchen. I hot a plumber in who pretty much chuckled at my predicament and...
  8. niamh

    Limon cafe

    Just spent a lovely afternoon at limon (in square by migros) and thoroughly recommend it! I had a frappe, salad and then managed to squeeze in tiramisu... Most definitely the best tiramisu I've had in turkey (and it's my favourite dessert). Goodluck to them, nice place and nice people :)
  9. niamh

    Turkish cuts of beef/lamb

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I've tried searching but no luck :/ Can anyone help me with the different cuts of meat we get in Turkish butchers? I'm hit or miss getting the correct piece for specific dishes. My butcher is great at giving me what I need IF I can describe what I'm cooking...
  10. niamh

    Long term rent Dalyan

    Just had 2 properties fall through last minute (one sold and one already rented but emlak didn't kknow) I've now got 10 days to find a furnished property in/outskirts Dalyan. My budget is max 400tl PCM... Anyone know of any suitable properties? I've already tried all the emlaks....
  11. niamh

    investing outside of Turkey

    Can anyone tell me if there are any restrictions to us 'resident aliens' in investing outside of Turkey? I have been advised by someone who is finance savvy not to invest any money here (stocks etc) due to the volatile economic situation but he was unsure of what my other options would be due to...
  12. niamh

    Need Long term rental in Dalyan

    Hi everyone, We are looking for a long term (minimum 6 months) rental in Dalyan. Ideally 2 bedrooms and garden but will consider all as seems like we are searching for hens teeth! We do have a small breed, crate trained, very well behaved dog. We are conscientious renters and will leave any...
  13. niamh

    Dog crate prices?

    Hi everyone, does anyone know rough prices for a dog crate for a medium sized dog? Not the travel crates, its so i can crate train new puppy! Or a baby gate as a plan b (im sure i saw them a while ago in migros). Any help much appreciated :)
  14. niamh

    Things to do around Dalyan

    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, I probably cant see it for looking :/ I was wondering if anyone can give us some ideas of things we can do on our day off. We seem to have hit a wall with the usual stuff (beach, pool, Yavulakcay..) so wondered if we could get some fresh ideas here :D...
  15. niamh

    Puppy Dalyan area

    We recently lost our gorgeous pup to distemper and now the house seems very empty :( I hope noone thinks we are 'replacing' our pup, we simply want to give another one a chance at having a loving home. We are looking for a puppy in the dalyan area, ideally started its vaccines. If anyone knows...
  16. niamh


    This is an extremely sad post for me to write, but I hope I can at least prevent anyone else going through the same as we have. We very very sadly had to have our puppy euthanased last night after she contracted Distemper. She had started her vaccines but became ill before the course was...
  17. niamh

    Dahl's whip snake

    Spotted a Dahl's whip snake (Platyceps najadum) on my walk with the dog this evening (my first snake sighting here!). I figured it was a colubrid, but had to rely on good ol google for an id. Unfortunately, it sped off into the reed beds before I could get a pic so the attached picture is not...
  18. niamh


    For the past 3 evenings in a row I have spotted Little Owls (Athene noctua) whilst walking the dog. I assume I am not spotting the same bird repeatedly as I have seen them in totally different areas of Dalyan :) Just thought I would share! It seems to be a bird week for me, a white stork flew...
  19. niamh

    long term rent

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of any property for long term rent in/around Dalyan? It would be for a minimum of 6 months, not fussed about size etc.just need a roof over our heads! My fiancè and I are looking to spend about 350 to 500(max!). Many thanks in advance for your help :)
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