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    Challenge Cup Final

    5 pm Turkish time - Hoping the Catalans can defy the odds today - the history of French rugby league and the Nazi collaborators rugby union is worth reading up on - I just know the English RU would have done exactly the same if the Nazis occupied our Island Throw in the Catalan element (...
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    I need to get up to Sofia from Izmir - I've only ever used the Canakkale to Eceabat ferry but my Garmin is telling me to use the Bandirma to Tekridag ferry - not much online about this service so I'm a bit wary - has anyone used it lately and is it preferable to running up the Gallipoli peninsular?
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    South from Ephesus

    Just re reading this Brian Sewell book for the third or fourth time - a 1980s art travelogue from Ephesus to Side - highly recommended if you appreciate the historical sites along the Aegean coast
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    visa petition

    Not sure there is a political appetite for this tbh...but from a selfish point if view it would be good...
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    Top ten world cities to visit 2016

    Only one from the UK..... Hull named among Rough Guides' 10 cities to visit in 2016 | Home News | News | The Independent
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    Danny Jones

    I watched Danny play many times for both Halifax and Keighley, shocking news for his family and the RL community
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    2 x cheap returns Liverpool - Bodrum 21 April

    10 days - 21 April to 2 May at around 75% cheaper than the current Easyjet price plus name change - pm me if interested and I'll pass it on to the seller
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    tv simulators

    Aldi have them in at 7.99 at the minute - I think lidl so them as well I intend to take one out to Turkey this year
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    Sarah Millican

    I actually saw Sarah live before she made it, and whilst not a fan of her comedy, she has gone up several notches in my opinion, its time someone stood up to the bullying vacuous media press and showed them up for the no-marks they are Comedian's Response to Criticism of Her Red Carpet Look...
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    The Forbidden Game

    Amazing story and well written book, for people interested in politics and history not just for rugby or sports fans. The story of how the French Rugby Union collaberated with the Nazis to ban Rugby League and seize its assets. The expression Rugby League was banned in France until the 1980s...
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    muscle shoals

    Best thing I've seen on tv so far this year - if you are a music lover this is a must see BBC iPlayer - Storyville: 2013-2014: Muscle Shoals: The Greatest Recording Studio in the World
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    silent weekend

    BBC Sport - 'Silent Weekend' initiative aims to improve adult behaviour I was a youth RL coach for many years and agree 100 percent with this - I remember playing as a youth rugby player in the late 60s early 70s and I only remember encouragement from the opposition touchline, and pitches...
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    DIY mozzy trap

    just been looking at a design for a mozzy trap - just wondered if anyone had tried them and had any success Cut a large coke bottle in half, put a bit of yeast and water in the bottom half - turn the top half over and tape it on with gaffer tape - the co2 from the yeast attracts the mozzies (as...
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    interesting book (global politics)

    available as a pdf and therefore readable on your kindle't%20tell%20you%20about%20capitalism.pdf
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    The weather

    We (Holderness) had 10% less rain than average this winter and 15% more sunshine than average last summer - second only to the Moray Firth Coast in Scotland pretty dampish down South though Wettest winter for England and Wales since 1766 - Met Office
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    For sale

    A fool and his money... who actually buys this crap? An Acre of The Moon
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    Free Speech?

    As long as you don't offer alternative views on religion Free speech outcry as images of the Flying Spaghetti Monster are banned from London South Bank University for offending religious people - News - Student - The Independent
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    Legends tour

    Better than wasting your money on Garth Brooks David Gest | DAVID GEST'S LEGENDS OF SOUL LIVE CONCERT! Went Sunday night - brilliant show, I went to see Eddy Floyd, but the others were also very good - The Temptations, Candi Statton, Rose Royce, Eddy Holman, Sheila Ferguson, CeCe Penniston and...
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    QR codes for headstones

    Started a couple of years ago and more people are having a smartphone readable QR code linked to to an autobigraphical webpage attached to thier gravestones. I think mine would be a big Dadid Bradley Kes pose. BBC News - Son fits QR code on war hero father's gravestone
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    bbc2 thurs 2nd 9pm

    I'm not a fan of Jeremy Clarkson, but looking forward to this... BBC Two - PQ17: An Arctic Convoy Disaster I've had the honour of speaking to some convoy vets, its a remarkable story and puts our own trials and tribulations into perspective. 35 000 merchant seafarers were lost at sea between...
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