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    Any Ideas???

    We are 'redhot' Liverpool' fan's staying in our apartment in Kadikalesi in May. We are there the week of the Champoins league final which is 23rd May. We thought we were laughing! Just get a ferry to Kos and fly from there to Athen's (which is where the final is held this year)! no such luck...
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    Ferry to Kos

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get a boat from Turgurtries to Kos? I know you can get one from Bodrum. Also, how much does it cost, what times does it run and how do you go about booking it? Many thanks
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    Sorry I know this has been covered before, but I need to get this straight in my mind. If we paid £10..00 for a visa in June and we return to Turkey in August, I am correct in thinking we can bypass the visa queue at the airport and go straight to passport control? Or do we still have to wait in...
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    First Choice

    If anyone can travel from Newcastle to Bodrum, First Choice have got seats on 13th August for £124.00 return inc. taxes etc. We have just booked. Only problem is we live in Liverpool so need to park the car at the airport, which boosts the cost up a bit. Does anyone live close to the airport who...
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    Question re: Izmir and visa's

    Hi Everyone, Just a couple of quick questions. How far is it from Izmir to Turgertries and what are the transport links like? Also, if we return to Turkey within three months of the last time, we should'nt have to pay for another visa should we? The reason I ask this is because when we arrived...
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    Hi, As you probally already know. We have just recieved our Tapu for our apartment. We now need to insure it. We really don't know where to start, any advice? Thanks Caroline
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    It's finally ours and we LOVE it!!!

    We arrived back in Liverpool last Monday after two weeks in our new apartment in Bodrum. It was a hetic two weeks but also enjoyable. We flew from Liverpool with Onur Air, and had no problem at all. Flights were on time and we collected our visa, cleared passport control and collected our...
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    Hi everyone, I will be looking for curtains and curtain rails for our apartment next week. I seem to rember reading a thread about this earlier. Somebody mentioned that there was a place along the main road in Bodrum near koctas, that will measure and fit at reasonable prices (I think it may...
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    Now I know you might think I am sad, but I need to watch the England games when I am in Turkey next week. We arrive late Monday afternoon, so the first game we will want to watch will be Tuesday night. Our apartment is near to Turgertries, will there be anywhere there showing the game? We know...
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    Yippee!!! Had news to today that our Tapu is through. Bought July last year, so it took almost year. Excellent timing as we are going to Bodrum in two weeks anyway to stay in apartment for first time. Now we can relax in the knowledge it is all oficially ours!!!
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    Apartment rental

    Hi, Just a query. Our apartment is a fairly small one bedroomed on a site with 96 other apartments all identical size. When we visit in June, our twenty year old son and his girlfriend will be staying with us for a week. Although the apartment will sleep four comfortably (bed settee in lounge)...
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    Toilet Tissue issue!

    Hi everyone, Can anybody tell me if toilet tissue still cannot be flushed away in Turkey? I know this sound like a daft question, but years ago when we visited Turkey with tour operators, we were told on the coach from the airport that we must use the bin's provided. When we visited last year...
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    Jeep Safari's

    Hi everyone, We will be in our new apartment for first time in June. Our son and his girlfriend are staying with us for the second week. I remember when we had a holiday in Marmaris 4 years ago one of the best days out was a jeep safari. Just wondered if they do them around the bodrum area and...
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    Mothers Day

    Happy Mother's Day to all Mum's out there :pressie: Just wondered does Turkey celebrate mother's day? If so is it the same date? :)
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    Bits and Pieces for Apartment!

    Hi, We have bought large furniture [sofa's, beds, patio furniture, etc] for our apartment. But next time we are in Bodrum we need all the bits and pieces [Crockery, pots, pans, bedding, towels etc. etc] we will have a car to get around in. Are we best getting everything over there? Or are there...
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    Midwives in Turkey?

    This is a question to all you expats. Does such a thing as a midwife exist in Turkey? If not who delivers babies, gives antenatal care and postnatal care etc.? I ask this because I am a midwife in England and wondered what, if any job oportunities there are for me. Do all you expats need an...
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    Help with Furnishing

    Hi everyone, We are hoping to furnish our apartment near Bodrum in October. Our estate agent has an English speaking Turkish lady who works for them. For £50.00 she will assist in furnishing the apartment. ie. take us around all the good shops and negoatiate good deals. She will also help us...
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    Aegean Coast

    Not sure if this is in the right place, but here goes! Looking for cheap deals to Bodrum. Spotted some good deals for allocaton on arrival, to Aegean Coast, but not sure if Aegean coast just covers the Bodrum Peninsula or could we end up in Marmaris or Kusadasi etc.
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    To Furnish or Not To Furnish! Help!

    Hi everyone, hope you can help with my latest dilemma! We bought our apartment (unfurnished) at the beginning of August. Tapu has'nt come through yet but we have been told we can use the apartment whenever we like. We have got a week off work in October and would love to go back to Turkey and...
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    Hi Everyone xxx

    Hi, my name is Caroline and my husband is Bill. We have just bought our first ever place in Turkey, on the Bodrum Penisula. We are sooooo excited!! Delighted when I stumbled across this website, there is absolutley loads of useful information, I will be constantly asking questions as we are...
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