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    Challenge Cup Final

    5 pm Turkish time - Hoping the Catalans can defy the odds today - the history of French rugby league and the Nazi collaborators rugby union is worth reading up on - I just know the English RU would have done exactly the same if the Nazis occupied our Island Throw in the Catalan element (...
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    I need to get up to Sofia from Izmir - I've only ever used the Canakkale to Eceabat ferry but my Garmin is telling me to use the Bandirma to Tekridag ferry - not much online about this service so I'm a bit wary - has anyone used it lately and is it preferable to running up the Gallipoli peninsular?
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    South from Ephesus

    Just re reading this Brian Sewell book for the third or fourth time - a 1980s art travelogue from Ephesus to Side - highly recommended if you appreciate the historical sites along the Aegean coast
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    Good morning! How about a tune to start the day

    Re: Good morning! Great start to the day Argent - God Gave Rock And Roll To You - YouTube
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    visa petition

    Not sure there is a political appetite for this tbh...but from a selfish point if view it would be good...
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    Top ten world cities to visit 2016

    Only one from the UK..... Hull named among Rough Guides' 10 cities to visit in 2016 | Home News | News | The Independent
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    Happy Birthday RINGO !

    luckiest man alive - and I know 3 people who would have agreed anyway happy birthday - he appears in this video
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    GOAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I only listen to his blog when they have been beat - good value for it
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    Danny Jones

    I watched Danny play many times for both Halifax and Keighley, shocking news for his family and the RL community
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    2 x cheap returns Liverpool - Bodrum 21 April

    10 days - 21 April to 2 May at around 75% cheaper than the current Easyjet price plus name change - pm me if interested and I'll pass it on to the seller
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    Jeremy Clarkson suspended

    At last the truth is out
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    Good morning! How about a tune to start the day

    Re: Good morning! They don't make them like this anyone - I'm actually in this video - the guy with long blonde hair on the front of the stage Barry Ryan - Eloise - YouTube
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    tv simulators

    Aldi have them in at 7.99 at the minute - I think lidl so them as well I intend to take one out to Turkey this year
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    A Yorkshireman and proud of it.

    Here is a more up to date one
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    A Yorkshireman and proud of it.

    Culture comes from history and Hull has a unique and amazing history - it is also a beautiful city with miles of south facing river frontage and a vibrant old town - you'll have to visit sometime Phillip Larkin describes it best
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    What music you listening to now ?

    Still as brilliant and energetic as it was 39 years ago!!!
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    Why Men Die First

    There is also this reason - thing is I have seen most of this in Turkey...
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    What music you listening to now ?

    Just back from a soul weekend, DJ put 'Build me up Buttercup on' and an old guy near us gets up to the DJ booth and takes the mike and sings the lead vocal - it turned out to be Clem Curtis, lead singer of the Foundations...pretty cool Not one of my favourites mind, so I'll put this one on
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    Good morning! How about a tune to start the day

    Re: Good morning! try again ;-)
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    Good morning! How about a tune to start the day

    Re: Good morning! why does it sometimes post a link and not the screen?
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