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    Selling through Oracle?

    Hi everyone, We want to sell our apartment on Oracle's Royal Marina complex. They have said they can sell and perform all legal work for us, for 5%. This seems reasonable, has anyone here sold through them, or heard of any reason not to? They always seem to have treated us fairly.
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    Where to Choose?

    Sorry if I have put this question in the wrong place, I wasn't sure where it should go? We have an apartment in Altinkum and we have loved visiting, but we are now retired and would like to change it for somewhere that's warmer in the winter and closer to an airport. We can only spend what we...
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    Seeking long term rental

    We (that us my husband and I) are thinking of living in Altinkum, so we are looking for something modest to rent long term. Our preferred area is within a rectangle from Ege Road down to Golden Square at one end and Dolphin Square at the other, but other areas are OK too if no further from the...
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    Hello from Conteasy

    Hi Everyone, And thankyou to the founder and moderators for providing what looks like a really useful spot! My better half and I have holidayed in Altinkum and love it, we'd like to spend more time here. I'm slightly confused because I want to find a place to rent long term but am I allowed...
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