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    Mobdro dead, TVTap 'Under maintenance'...., LiveNet TV working at the mo.
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    Win7 to Win10 upgrade.

    The free upgrade from Win7 to Win10 officially ended in July 2016, but using the Microsoft Media Creation Tool, it has still been possible to upgrade for free. As of this month, Win7 is no longer supported with updates, so I wondered if the Media Creation Tool would still allow a free upgrade to...
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    Reflash a Q7 Android TV Box

    Re: Reflash a Q7 You can try these - If no luck then its download the Q7 firmware and the RKBatch Tool, link to a laptop and run the RKBatch Tool to install the firmware. Peter
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    Taking Turkish VAN to UK and back?

    Hi, I have a residents permit, and wondered if it is possible to buy transit type van in Turkey to take to the UK to collect household items. I would then sell the van on my return to Turkey. Anyone done this ?
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    Bingo and Quiz afternoon.

    A couple of hours with friends last week, short quiz followed by a few games of bingo. Looking forward to this weeks session, 2 o'clock at the Agora.
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    Free Digiturk ?

    Has anyone subscribed to these packages ? D?G?TÜRK ?NTERNET PAKET? D-SMART ?NTERNET PAKET?
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    Getting warmer - Clean your laptops

    Laptops tend to overheat, especially when the ambient temperature approaches 30C. Internal processor, chipsets, memory and Hard Drive can be damaged ! Having used the laptop during the winter period, dust will have accumulated on the blades of the cooling fan and inside the cooling duct. It is...
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    Free Turkish Classes in Dalaman

    Free Turkish classes have now begun at the high school behind Yapı Kredi bank (opposite the Mosque). These are beginner lessons and are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm to 7pm.
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    EU....excuse me !

    Beware the mighty nation(s) of the EU. In medieval times the greater nations of the world pursued an onslaught against the weaker populous. They stole the basic wealth of the in the form of taxes, the basic produce from the land in the form of veg and cattle. The rich became...
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    Smart Internet TV Box

    Laptops and PC's are a clumsy way to view internet TV. I have mentioned this subject briefly in response to other queries relating to UKtv, but not in any detail. Alongside the intro of Smart tv's with internet access in the UK, there are available a number of Smart TV boxes. These are...
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    Brandy/Cognac in Dalaman ?

    Hi all Fancy a drop of brandy occasionally but it seems to have dried up in the shops and supermarkets. Any ideas ? Peter
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    Kittens - Familia story !

    Whilst unlocking our front doors this morning, Cindy spotted a Turkish guy placing a cardboard box into the field opposite our house. He promptly remounted his moped and disappeared. The sealed box contained 4 kittens, maybe a few weeks old ? 3 ginger and 1 black....not sure eyes fully open ...
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    Pets Arriving Dalaman Airport 2011

    Hi all There are many posts relating to pets arriving at Dalaman airport but most seem to be quite old and confusing ! Our friends are bringing 2 small dogs on 7th July on a Thomas Crook flight. They are asking how they will rejoin the dogs on arrival. Is there anybody that has brought a pet...
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    Belediye Ex Pat Garden Party

    It seems that an ex-pat garden party has been arranged, and funded, by the Dalaman Belediye to be held at the Nil restaurant (by the airport) on Tues 7th June at 7pm. I understand that the invitation extends to ALL ex-pats in the Dalaman area, will be attended by local dignitaries, and that...
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    Can I watch UK TV in Turkey

    Came across this thread elsewhere on the forum, downloaded from it works quite well. Must bear in mind that with the basic 4 gig download TTnet package you will soon run out of download and be surcharged, having said that the maximum charge is the 'unlimited' rate of 45 TL plus...
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    Kangal Pups

    Foolishly agreed to mating of our Kangal bitch with a large local Kangal male. The result is 7 chubby pups, now 5 weeks old. We have found homes for 5 of them so looking for homes for the remaining 2. Do not want any money but maybe the new dog welfare centre in Dalaman would appreciate a small...
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    Water Bill

    One of our friends paid their bill today, comparison with July '97 He has a pool ! Today Sept 97 Usage Cost Usage Cost Cu Mt 26,00 24,00 Cost Water 58,00 14,40...
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