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    photo attachments

    Can anyone tell me (and probably many others) how to attach photos of my apartment to the "for sale" ad I've posted? Have tried to use the "manage attachments" button but it didn't seem to work and now my brain hurts!
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    Yalikavak Apartment (3 bed) £89,000

    Yalikavak Apartment (3 bed) £89,000 PHOTOS! FOR SALE: A 3-bed (1 double & 2 twins), first floor apartment on a development of 14 properties (built only 15 months ago) 2kms from Yalikavak. The price of £89,000 includes all the furniture and white goods which are virtually brand-new. There is...
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    Cost of Deeds

    Hi everyone! Have just heard from our friends that, owing to "new legislation", their developer is demanding £1000 to hand over the deeds for their apartment which cost about £55K. Does anyone know anything about any new legislation relating to this?
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    property maintenance in Yalikavak

    Greetings to all. I am a new member who is co-ordinating the owners group at a small (14 apartments & 2 villas) site 2km from Yalikavak. We currently have Clover Villa Management looking after the development but the monthly fees for garden/grounds maintenance & security amount to £100 per...
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