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    Accountant Fee's - Too Much to Pay

    I opened an inactive Turkish company in September 2006 to get the deeds transferred to me from a property I purchased in 2005 in the military zone. I have just received my first bill from the account, which I find quite extortionate. Does anybody know if this a true reflection of the costing...
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    Inactive Company Bank Account

    :help: Can anybody please help – I know I have been a foolish and let my heart rule my head. However I purchased a property which is in the restricted zone and had the TAPU placed in a friend’s name that is Turkish. However I have since found out that if anything happens to this friend that...
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    The European Commission

    :kafa: The European Commission has just announced an agreement whereby the English language will be the official language of the European Union in favour over the other candidate - German. As part of the negotiations, the British Government conceded that English spelling had some room for...
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    Tapu Transfer Deeds Deposit

    :27: :38: I purchased a property in Bodrum at a time when foreigners were not allowed to own property in Turkey, without placing the title deeds TAPU in the name of a Turkish national. This was done on the pretence that when the property laws changed the TAPU could be changed into my own...
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