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    Donation of clothes

    Hi does anyone know where we can donate clothes? There used to be a facility box on the road but we cannot find it now. TIA
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    Table Top Sale

    Hi where is the Sunday table top sale held now an d what time does it start? Tia
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    Joiner Wanted

    Hi does anyone know a good joiner in Side We need a cupboard and fridge cupboard rebuilding? TIA
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    Health Insurance

    Hi can anybody advise me the best health insurance for my wife and I, we are both 65yrs plus so SGK is out, companies and costs please? TIA
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    Habitation Certificate

    Hi does anyone know how to obtain a habitation certificate for their property, I understand there is an amnesty to the end of October to get this?
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    Rattan chairs

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get my rattan chairs repaired? some of the lats have broken in three out of the four chairs I have. Regards John:ukflag:
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    Wanted Cot.

    Hi my son and his girlfriend are coming to Side in July with their twins, we need a cot as we only have one, anyone selling one or know f anyone selling one?? Tia.
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    Resindence permit

    Hi, it has probably been asked before but How much income/ savings do you have to have to get a STRP? TIA
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    Residents Permit

    Hi does anyone know if you can check the progress of your residents permit application or, how long does it take after you have posted the application to the DGMM in Antalya? Thanks
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    vinnwifi Turkcell E5221

    Hi I have purchased this wifi item but when I install it into the computer it asks for a user name and password, where do I get these from?
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    Turkish Will

    Hi does anyone know the cost of making a Turkish Will and a good solicitor in Side? Thanks in advance.
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    Does any one know for sure how the 90/180 day visa works ie: when you have done 90 days in Turkey in 180 days, when can you apply for another visa after your visa has expired? thanks
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    Internet Dongle

    Hi I have an internet Turcell dongle and I think it may have expired has I have not used it for 6 months. Does anyone know if there is anywhere in side I can buy a new sim for the dongle? Thank you
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    Insurance medical

    Hi does anybody know where is the best place to get medical insurance for cover in Turkey? We have an apartment in Side and we cannot get travel insurance to cover us for the length of time we want to stay in Side. Thanks John
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    Law regarding transfer of Turkish property ownership after death

    :hmm:Hi does anyone knowthe law regarding a property after the english owner passes away, does the property pass on to his wife.? My husband is the only name on the tapu and we have been married 35 yrs with just one son, we both have children frm previous marriages. I have heard all different...
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    Where to buy electric scooter in Side?

    Hi does anybody know where I can puchase a electric scooter in or around Side. Also do you have to register it and insure it and the cost of one?:43:
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