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    What Will It Take??

    öyle.....değil mi Bickern?
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    gezi humour

    Gezi Park style humour all over again! Erdo?an hologram inspires laughter, satire - Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news
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    opposition newspapers selling out fast!

    4 newspapers known to have an anti govt stance...sözcü, aydınlık, yurt and evrensel are now not being sold at newsstands on the Istanbul metro system. Vendors have been told to say to any one who asks, not to say they are not being sold, but to say they have sold out. The reporter here was told...
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    Gulen vs Erdogan - war games

    hulllooooğğğğ göt kılı this is for you
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    Another punch up in the turkish parliament

    Just been watching the goings on today in the parliament....,honestly, its great entertainment.......Muharrem Ince (physics teacher, CHP MP for Yalova) getting into the PM and the PM, God bless him :-) , getting annoyed in return....... This newspaper report just doesnt do it justice. Id love to...
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    This woman is probably there as well.....the huloğğğcular get Bussed in to whenever he is.
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    Nowhere and noone safe

    So they passed A law which enables them to do whatever they want to the forests,mountains, national parks and environmentally protected areas of this country.Now they have passed A law which enables them to do whatever they want in urban areas....they can legally tear your house down if they see...
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    Islamists and sex

    Some outrageous attitudes here.Check out the penis transplant dilemma. I would have said you couldnt make it up.....but it seems these people do. Islamists in Turkey Think About Sex?A Lot | Vocativ
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    Berkan protest

    For those who are wondering about what is going on regarding protests I suggest they tune into halk tv right now (channel 53 on digiturk) where the poliçe are snuffing out A protest in support of A child who was put in A coma by the riot police of RTE when he was hit by A gas capsule when going...
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    This country's biggest environmentalist

    Live on tv A few minutes ago...... 'No one at all can compete with us when it comes to protection of the environment' ......RTE, Gölbaşı,Ankara. Huhhhh It would be funny if it wasnt so tragic...... I dont even know where to start to chronicle this party's lack of concern for the...
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    Not before time people such as this guy are starting to wake up. Turkey's Cleavage Crackdown Goes to College - Bloomberg
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    My God, Im coming to you!

    This is so funny! Its in Turkish...nothing I can do about that...except say that this Imam is explaining (proving) to his followers with the help of Origami the superiority of Islam. Its about a muslim who migrates to Europe and is affected by the culture there and decides to convert to...
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    hypocrisy Translation.... In 1995 RTE said the 3rd Bosphorus bridge is a crime for Istanbul. Opening up the remaining green areas in our northern regions to city planning would be nothing more than...
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    better off dead

    A book that is being pushed on school children......its not made clear if it is compulsory..if the parents have to buy it or at what apparently is being presented as a book to be bought for school children. The translation is......' as soon as a girl reaches the age of 15...
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    Erdoğan's supporters

    Erdo?an?n götünün k?l?y?z | We are erdogan's ass hair [English] - YouTube This happened in June but just now have I stumbled on a version of it with english doesnt tell the whole story because its only 5 seconds long and doesnt show the face of the female reporter who was...
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    Diren ODTÜ

    Similar to Gezi park 3 months ago, protesters have set up camp in Middle East Technical University owned forest land in Ankara.(ODTÜ/METU).They are protesting against plans to run a motorway through their land....which is a beautiful forested area which was planted in barren land 50 yrs ago...
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    Gezi Park-500million dollars recieved in advance

    Ankara bu iddiay? konu?uyor! Gezi'yi 500 milyon dolara satm??lar! - haber, Son dakika, fla? haber, en son haber, seçim anketi, yerel seçimler, aday adaylar? | According to this report the govt have recieved 500 million dollars in advance payment(presumably with more to come)...
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    kadiköy fener match

    Live on TV right now....despite the threats of the govt to prosecute people chanting political slogans at football matches..there is live coverage on the TV (not on the mainstream channels of course!! :-)) of Fenerbahçe supporters chanting anti govt slogans before the Arsenal match...faces...
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    kayakoy 300 bed hotel plans

    This news was published a couple of weeks ago now in the Turkish press. It seems the Turkish pm has approved plans for the construction of a huge 300 bed hotel in Kayakoy. Just wonder if anyone from Kayakoy has heard of these plans and what they think about them? Kayaköy'e 300 yataklý otel -...
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