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    Reliable estate agent in Alanya

    Which estate agents are reliable to sell my property in Tosmur
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    where to look to find a Translator

    can you introduce an Honest translator? I have to deal with electricity, water, council tax etc etc issues. I need to sort out. I will be in turkey in Sept for two weeks only. Sooner I could sort the above matters the better. I also appropriate to give an idea of their charges, where to look...
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    State of property market this year. To buy or to sell

    Does anyone have knowledge of property market this year. How Much a 2 bedroom 100 square meter Apartment in Tosmur ,in Alanya worth?
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    Population office address in Alanya.

    What is the Turkish word for population office to get the no to be able to sell my Apartment. Where the tosmur beledesi moved to? I need an honest translator to help me to sort out few thing in Alanya. I Appriciate if you know someone. Also how much they charge . Thanks
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    Population office address in Alanya.

    Could you please give the address in Alanya. I have an Apartment in Tosmur. Where I can register with population office to get the number so that I could be able to sell.
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    New Flat owners in Tosmur looking for advice.

    Hi We recently purchased a new 2 bed flat up behind Diamond Resort Hotel. We have furnished it and are looking for a reliable & trustworthy rental service/agent who can make it at least self funding. We wish to use it for ourselves for 4 to 6 weeks in the Spring & Autumn. Fully air conditioned...
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    who pays an introducer?

    If we have been introduced to a seller who sold us property, are we expected to pay the introducer a commision as well as the seller? Is so how much is normaly expected ?
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    internet enquiry H

    Hi folks we are buying a flat in Tosmur, Alanya. We wish to use the net mainly to stream UK tv via Slingbox from our UK home. We need at least 3Gb reliable speed with no stupid data limet or cost. This is to try and avoid having to put "Joggul Bank" on the roof to get Sky!!! Can anyone help...
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