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    UK - Winter fuel allowance.

    I just saw an article on BBC news regarding the Winter fuel allowance. Following a ruling by the European Court of Justice, the UK has had to ditch rules which previously stated that you needed to qualify for the payment before leaving the UK in order to claim while living abroad. This meant...
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    What a way to go

    A Nigerian man - husband of six - was allegedly raped to death by his five spouses as he was paying too much attention to his sixth wife. Rape ? I don't think so :larf: Five of his wives attacked him with knives and sticks, demanding that he have sex with all of them at once.:388dd: I wonder...
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    Confusion as residence permit 'goalposts' change

    Interesting article in the Voices newspaper that serves the Altinkum area. Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Confusion as permit 'goalposts' change Voices has learned that where first timers were able to apply up – at least to last week -for up to five years on their residence permit...
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    New to Forum

    hello everyone, i have been reading this forum for a long time off and on. There are some very interesting threads and lots of information. the reason I joined was to say this. From an outsiders point of view this form in unfriendly and you are often very unpleasant and nasty to each other. The...
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