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  1. Sally-Ann

    50 signs you've been in Turkey too long (or, perhaps, not long enough!)

    I just came across this list and it made me chuckle so I hope a few of you will chuckle with me :dance: 50 signs you've been in Turkey too long | Around Town | Article | Istanbul's Guide to Life | 1. You automatically take off your shoes when entering a house. 2...
  2. Sally-Ann

    Only 34 but can't get health insurance!

    Hi, I'm only 34 but am really struggling to find a company in Turkey to insure me as I'm type 1 diabetic. My residency is due at the end of this month and I'm getting worried now as I had a broker try all the companies he could with no joy. I'm particularly concerned because my son (4 yr old) is...
  3. Sally-Ann

    Funniest facts about the Angler fish

    This is soooo very very funny. From the intro you just know it's gonna be brill and it just gets better :) True Facts About The Angler Fish - YouTube Everyone please watch and give your laughing muscles a work out :gulme:
  4. Sally-Ann

    Good morning! How about a tune to start the day

    Re: Good morning! Not necessarily Steve...There are a few decent artists around and making faulous videos too. This is a song I'm currently working on a cover of...It's not a 70's classic but it's a great tune and memorable to boot! The dancer in the video is an extremely gifted girl of just...
  5. Sally-Ann

    Something for the animal lovers :)

    I just saw this on FB and thought a few members here might appreciate it...The baby elephant made me cry :love: I just hope the link works!
  6. Sally-Ann

    my favourite pop singer and group.

    I've always loved Şebnem Ferah..She literally rocks. Probably one of the best female rock voices in Turkey This is a great performance of a beautiful song, hope you like it :) Also...Check out her awesome spinal tattoo! Just found this clip of her doing two more AWESOME songs for you...
  7. Sally-Ann

    A few wild flower pics of around my house.

    This area is at the back of Hatiplar village near Side. It's just beautiful this time of year:5:
  8. Sally-Ann

    Go karting in Evrenseki!

    I know this is gonna come off as a blatant plug...And I guess it is really! My bezzy mate (proper kanka) has just bought the karting track in Evrenköy and is now in the process of giving it a MAJOR facelift with the help of yours truly. The timing worked out perfectly for me as Mum and I sold...
  9. Sally-Ann

    Diabetic depression

    Hiya fellow diabetics. I just need to vent my spleen as I'm having a really tough time at the moment and I don't know any other type 1 diabetics here. Non diabetics just don't get it!! Ever since having my son 23 months ago I have found it nigh on impossible to get my sugars under control...
  10. Sally-Ann

    Rainbow..Zippy's twanger and Bungles balls!

    I can't believe they got away with it...Cant imagine anyone in the TV companies having the sense of humour to release something this funny today! :95im::95im::95im::95im::95im:
  11. Sally-Ann

    This WILL make you lol

    I just found this on youtube and it has to be the funniest thing I've seen in months! just brilliant! Especially @ 4m35sec very funny talking animals from the bbc - YouTube
  12. Sally-Ann

    Clever or Crackers - INVESTMENT IN USA

    My mum (Freedom 49) and I have something really exciting that we just cant keep to ourselves and where better to share than here with our fellow TLFers! Being in the property business ourselves we are pretty well informed of the potential of the Turkish buy to let market. At the moment the best...
  13. Sally-Ann

    Forest fires...that time of year again.

    I was kept awake on and off last night with the noise of the emergency helicopters tooing and froing between the ocean and the mountains at the back of my house (maybe the Seki area I think, near Side). Anyone living there have any further info? Having had no rain here yet this summer, our...
  14. Sally-Ann

    Brilliant Tarot and Reiki healer

    Hi, I know this won't be everyone's cup of tea but some of you may find this of interest. I have found a REALLY good Tarot reader who lives in Kumkoy. She also does Reiki and I found it truly worthwhile. My little boy was having problems sleeping (i.e. he wasn't) and she gave us both...
  15. Sally-Ann

    What are you worth!

    I know this is a bit naughty but I hope it's acceptable, if not i'm sure the mods will just delete it! See how many of these things you have done, BUT you have to add up the money amount along the way, then post the amount that you are (optional of course!) Once a few other members have posted...
  16. Sally-Ann

    Turkey ranked 17 in world economies?

    Hi everyone. I was watching the Turkish 'Dragons Den' last night on Bloomberg and I'm 100% positive I caught one of the dragons saying that Turkeys economy is currently 17th strongest globally. I wasn't shocked as a couple of years agoI was told we ranked 14th...Just thought this might be a good...
  17. Sally-Ann

    Circumcision for my son

    Hi all, I have just had a quick search for threads regarding circumcision as my son is almost a year old and our paediatrician has recommended we get him done soon, as the aftermath is not so bad when the child is very young. Anyway the most recent thread was from a good while back so I want to...
  18. Sally-Ann

    The nature of a true Turk

    I was in the supermarket today and one of those things happened which, had I been in the UK, would have had me running for security! I was down the aisle with my trolley, sitting in which I had my very cute (but I'm biased!) 10 month old son. Out of nowhere came this guy; without meaning to...
  19. Sally-Ann

    Feeding hungry animals

    Hi, I just joined the forum and not really found my way around yet so if I put this in the wrong place my apologies. I have two cats and two dogs myself, all very sad rescue stories and it breaks my heart to see all the street animals here in Turkey generally. I live in Side and have a shop...
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