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    Yearly owner Meeting question

    Hello, in our house we have a problem with the person who is in charge of organizing the yearly Meeting. He is basically doing whatever he wants. Changing date of the Meeting, putting the time at 21:00, not sending out written notifications, not giving an agenda etc. Is it in writing somewhere...
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    Board of complex question

    Hello everybody, maybe somebody can help. The (turkish) chairman of our Board is going somewhat nuts and the rest of the Board has resigned because they can`t work with him. Now he has the brilliant idea to fill the Board with his wife and some friend who is not an owner (no owner is willing...
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    Ikamet renewal question

    Hi, I am trying to renew my Ikamet. The first question in the online form is that for an Application nr. Where can I find this number? I tried the: I forgot my application number option but it`s a deadend. Can anybody help?
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    Question Controller of the Board

    Hi everybody, I hope somebody can help me. Our apartment complex is finally having a Board and they have asked me to be the Controller. I asked what my duties as such were and nobody could really answer that question to my satisfaction. Does somebody know what the duties (and powers) of the...
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    Question to complex board and controller

    Hi everybody, I hope somebody can help me with this. In our complex, we finally managed to install a 3 member board and a controller. Since it`s the first year we have this, we are not quite sure of the powers/responsibilities of the positions of board/controller. Our turkish manager is not...
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    A question as to how many votes can be exercised

    Please forgive me if this (or a similar) question has been answered here before somewhere. If so, I just can`t find it. In our faciity we have 140 apartments. The builder still owns 44 of those. I`m not sure I understand the condominium law. I know 1 owner cannot exercise more than one third...
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    Turkey & North Cyprus = Same???

    Hi, friends of mine have the following situation. Maybe somebody here can help. They are in turkey now without an ikamet and have to leave turkey in 2 weeks, having been here for almost 90 days. They would like to go to north cyprus for 90 days and then come back here. Question: Is this...
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    Anybody up for card and board games?

    Hi everybody, we opened up a facebookgroup for people who enjoy meeting up for playing once a week. You`ll find it under Alanya Fun & Games. Here is the introduction. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here or there. Alanya Fun & Games About us: We are an international...
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    Balcony legal question

    Hopefully somebody can answer this. We live in a facility with 110 apartments total. We are the owners of 1 of them.Since a school is being built basically directly in front of our back balcony, we would like to put glass panels around the balcony to quiet it down a bit. I talked about it to...
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    Criminal record certificate

    Hi, I need this for a job interview. Does anybody know where I could get it? Police? Belediyesi? Other place? And if so, would anybody know how long it takes? Thanks for any help guys.
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    Used furniture shop?

    Hi, I have heard that there is a big shop that buys and sells used furniture somewhere near the Devlet hospital. Does anybody have a closer description to where it is exactly?
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    Good dentist clinic?

    Hi guys, my dentist has just diagnosed me with a root infection and suggests root canal work. He also told me that this looks veeerryy complicated since it`s a very curvy root. The problem is that from his manner he doesen`t seem very confident about the chances of success and I`m scared of...
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    Pool billiard accessories?

    Hi, in our facility we just got a billiard table. Unfortunately the guy who bought it tried to save a few Lira in the wrong place and 3 of the 4 queues are already broken. He said he bought everything in antalya. Does anybody know if queues and other accessories can be bought anywhere...
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    Metal detector allowed in Turkey?

    To make my walks on the beach in the offseason a little more interesting, I`m thinking about buying a metal detector and using it on the public beaches. Are there any laws against this? I`m not planning to use it in any areas which could be considered historic in any way (I know for sure that...
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    Beachvolleyball anyone?

    Hi everybody, about a year ago, I asked here if there is some kind of organized group of volleyball players in alanya where I could join in. Unfortunately there was absolutely no response. So if possible I`d like to start to gather a loose group of people who`d like to get together for a...
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    Looking for longterm rent

    Friends of mine who have been living in Alanya the last 3 years are looking for a bigger living space. They are a very nice couple with a medium sized dog and they are looking for a 2 + 1 (or bigger) in the Alanya area (not Avsallar or Mahmutlar). A villa would also be of interest. It needs...
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    SGK valid in north cyprus?

    Does anybody know if it is? We are planning a trip there in november and are unsure if we can use it or if we need extra travel health insurance.
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    Questions about some facility costs

    We have just had the yearly meeting of our facility. Since we are relatively new to living here I`d like to ask other owners if some of the costs seem to be too high to you. 24 hour security (no camera system) 45,000 Lira yearly Complex administrator 12,000 Lira yearly Elevator service (3...
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    2 legal questions about a living facility

    We bought an apartment in Alanya last year and I was wondering if somebody here can help me with this. In our facility there are 4 buildings with a total of 140 apartments. One of the buildings with 30 apartments has not been in use yet and is therefore not making any costs as a whole. The...
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    Questions about the new buses

    A friend told me that one of the new buses (the high numbers) goes through cikcilli and onto the fish market although he couldn`t remember which one. Does anybody know which number it is? Also can somebody tell me which bus drives to the new stadium, the 11A or 11B? Thanks in advance.
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