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    Rugby match

    Hi I will be staying at the Aska Lara Resort & Spa and was wondering if anyone knows if there will be a bar showing the England v Ireland rugby game on the 17th March, Yes paddies day
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    Hi, My wife and I are flying into Antalya and staying for 3 nights 2 days before taking a bus to Dalaman. Does anyone know if anything is happening 2016 March 16th and 17th we are staying in Kaleiçi. Also will there be plenty of things to see and do for 2 full days we have no transport...
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    6 nations rugby

    Does anyone know if anywhere is showing the rugby in Dalaman or Dalyan on Saturday? Thanks
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    6 nations

    Merhaba Does anyone know if any of the bars or restaurants are showing the 6 nations matches. Dalaman or Dalyan would be ok. Thanks
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    Hi, Can anyone translate the pdf downloads on the Dalaman Belediyesi site located at: ?LANLAR | DALAMAN BELED?YES? RESM? WEB SAYFASI Dated 20/06/2014 just wondering if it has any information on what is happening is happening in the area as it mentions the 1/25000-ORTACA Dalaman ENVIRONMENTAL...
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    Please sponsor me, cycling for Railway Children

    Merhaba, On the 13th July 2014 I will be cycling the first stage of the Tour De France, which is being held in Yorkshire. The course is 120 miles and has 3 really big climbs including the Butter Tubs Pass which is a real killer. The charity I am cycling for is the Railway Children, for details...
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    Gocek Beach

    Does anyone know how much it costs to hire a sunbed on Gocek beach, went there today and asked and thought the lady said 14tl but someone said I must have miss heard and it is 40tl and 70tl on a weekend.
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    Been looking for cheap flights to Dalaman for early November. Prices were around the £450 mark for 2 return from Manchester. Checked holidays and have managed to book a holiday with CO-OP Travel for £366 on the 31st Oct, a very nice saving of £84. :yipee:
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    Karya Restaurant

    Merhaba, Does anyone know if the Karya Restaurant (think that is correct spelling) picks up and if they do, have you got a contact number. Also someone told us the Palmyra Restaurant has closed down. Many thanks Jeff
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    Folding sunbeds

    Merhaba, Does anyone know where we will be able to buy folding sunbeds in the Dalaman area. We will be arriving in June, our complex does not have many beds around the pool and we are on the 1st floor so do not fancy carrying our heavy plastic sunbeds down to the pool. Thanks Jeff
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    My daughter is getting married in Dalyan September and would like to travel to Cappodocia for part of her honeymoon. Anyone got any ideas on how to get there, they would like to fly if possibe.
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    Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all at Turkish Living
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    Flights to Dalaman

    Not sure if anyone is interested in some late flights to Dalaman. I have just managed to book 2 return flights from Manchester to Dalaman on the 30th oct to 7th Nov for £320. Flights are with Thomas cook but booked with Airtours and included accommodation in Marmaris, which we do not need. If...
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    Rugby World Cup

    Merhaba, We will be arriving in Dalaman on Tuesday and was wondering if anyone has been watching the Rugby World Cup in Dalaman? if so is there a bar or restaurant showing the games where there are a few people watching. Always better to watch with other rugby enthusiasts for a better atmosphere...
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    dalaman flights 2012

    Hi, Does anyone know if any company is going to charter onur air flights. Due to the collapse of Ageanflights the prices of flights for 2012 are priced between £450 and £550 for 2 persons and that is not even in peak period.
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    Winter flights 2011/2012

    Hi, Does anyone know whether Dalaman International airport will be open for winter flights 2011/2012. Thanks
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    Rental Tax

    Merhaba, just wondering about rental income, we have read that you do not pay tax on the first 2600tl does this double if your proprty is in your wifes name also. If the rental income also falls below this amount do you need to submit a tax return. Help please.
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    Dalaman tourist area

    Hi, I was reading a magazine today about Dalaman being a designated tourist area by the government. The article was saying that this has now been put on hold due to the agricultural lobby winning its case in court. Not good if you want more golf courses in the area so property prices rise, but...
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    rental contract

    We will be renting out our apartment for about 7 months to the same person Turkish. Does anyone know if there is a rental contract template I could use as i am not using a management company and am not sure how a verbal agreement stands up in Turkey. I'm sure I can fully trust the person who...
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    Turkish Condominium Law

    Some new facilities at our complex have been requested and it seems it is now going to the vote. I understand the Turkish Condominium Law states that if 51% vote in favour the rest will have to pay. It seems though they are only including the apartments which are sold and not the apartments...
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