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    can you get a pre pay meter for electric in Turkey?

    We are considering renting our apartment out but whilst the tennants would have to pay for any water they use because it's pre pay, the electric bill is by direct debit and it could cost more than any rental fees if they run the air conditioning non stop etc -is it possible to have a pre pay...
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    Council Tax Late Payment Penalties?

    Does anyone know what the penalty charges are for not paying your Council Tax by the end of April/May?
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    washing machine repairs

    Does anyone have the contact no for a reliable non rip off engineer that could repair my washing machine please? I think the pump is either blocked or needs replacing as the water isn't fully draining so it can't spin (I've checked the filter and there was nothing in it)
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    Aqua Park prices?

    Does anyone know how much they charge this year for adults and children please?
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    more kittens needing homes!

    just discovered 6 with their Mother in a maintenance cupboard downstairs - i haven't brought my camera lead to put pics up yet but my daughter will bring it next week so I can post them then - they are adorable - i pure black, 2 tabbies, one black and white, one amber and white, and one amber...
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    art supplies?

    Hi all..... are there any art supply shops in Didim anywhere? I've managed to somehow not have any blue or white acrylic paints with me - must have taken them back to UK in May, no idea why ! so it's either find a shop that supplies or I have to wait til week after next til my daughter comes out...
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    Seahorse Deluxe Hotel Yesilkent

    Hi All - has anyone used this hotel or know of anyone who has? My son and his girlfriend are thinking of booking it as we are full to the brim in August, I know there's trip advisor to check it out with but I sometimes wonder how reliable those ratings are as I've heard other local hoteliers use...
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    tall fridge freezer req'd - any advice?

    we want to buy one to cope with the amount of food and drink we need to stock when we are out here with the kids and grandkids in the summer holidays - planning on comparing prices tomorrow but if anyone can point us in the direction of recommended shops in terms of price, ability to deliver and...
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    Where can I buy diet fanta/slimline tonic??

    Have tried Bim,Tansas and Carrefour to no avail - any ideas anyone????
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    keep fit classes/gym anywhere in Altinkum?

    Hi all - we are coming back out this week and since Christmas I've gotten myself hooked on exercise - are there any gyms or keep fit classes in the area I could use? Obviously I don't want to join a gym with extended membership as we are only out for a short time! Thanks
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    stand alone hammock wanted

    Can anyone advise us where we can buy one of these for the balcony? I've seen the material bit sold in a few hardware places in Altinkum, but we need the support for it too - any tips very gratefully accepted!
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    Damp around door frames

    We have damp coming through the walls on the corners of the walls at the door frames on some of the doors...i was sure I had read a thread on how to deal with this but I've gone back 3 years and can't find it! Can anyone advise what to do about shows up as orange stains where the corner...
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    Can anyone help me make sense of this note from Aydem electric please?

    Hi All. On the last day (typical!) I tidied up the mail downstairs, we never get mail in Turkey,it's all junk mail to our neighbours, buy hey ho when i was picking it all up from where it had been thrown on the floor, I found 2 pink notices from Aydem, and one was addressed to us. We couldn't go...
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    water meter

    Wondering if members could help us set up a pre-pay water meter for our apartment? We were told in August it is cheaper in the long run as they are more efficient? In addition, as our adults kids often use the place we then get left with the bills to pay, as they always promise to pay for it but...
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    Altinkum Property Investments (API)

    Has anyone used this company to manage their apartment? They have been recommended to us today as we are in need of a key holder. Rather than cause any unnecessary offense, if anyone thinks we should look elsewhere private advice may be better than a response on here, but positive comments would...
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    throw away bbq's

    hi all...can anyone tell me if i am wrong in remembering carrefour and tansas sell the little throw away one use bbq's...i remember they DO, but am wondering if i making it up! bringing frozen sausages so we can have a couple bbq's out on the edges of the beach later in the day as the sun starts...
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    Turkish Ebay

    Has anyone used this, and if so what was the experience like? The prices are considerably less than what the local shops are charging for household goods, but I'm wondering about how reliable the delivery might be
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    Fire Extinguishers????

    Is it possible to buy them big enough to put out a room fire should one start, in Didim/Altinkum anywhere. Does anyone know the average price you'd have to pay?
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    recommended key holding services???

    We now need a new provider of this service. Can anyome recommend a company they use please?
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    John and Irene Litchfield - Does anyone know where they are?

    They have are keys, but of course we have changed all our locks now and we can't get hold of them as they are not answering their phones or replying to our emails....does anyone know them and know where they are please?
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