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    Electric radiator central heating

    Hi. Does anyone run radiator central heating via electric?. We have a radiators installed which are fired by diesel, which makes the system impossible to use because of the exceptional cost of the diesel. We are considering exchanging the boiler for an efficient electric one and would like to...
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    Aydem -switch to 3 times tariff online... Help please!

    Has anyone successfully managed to switch from the standard one rate tariff, to the 3 times tariff online? I have tried without success to 'find' a way to this, any help or assistance (direct link/form filling in English) would be gratefully appreciated. We have queued /waited, for a couple...
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    Car dealers web site... help needed.

    Hi. I'm planning to purchase a car in the Fethiye region. I have had limited success in sourcing car dealers information and their 'for sale lists' for the Fethiye area online. I have searched which offers some choice. Any assistance with info about dealers / dealership, web...
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    Cosmetic Surgery Fethiye area?

    We are having a friend visit, in August who would be interested in some cosmetic surgery (facelift). Can anyone recommend a top surgeon in the Fethiye area, additional information on costs etc would be very helpful. Ta
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    Registration of UK mobiles stopped ????

    Hi. We tried to register our mobile phone today at a Turkcell shop in Fethiye and were informed that it is no longer possible to register a UK phone to use beyond a 2-3 week period with a Turkish SIM. After this period, the phone becomes locked and cannot be used at all. We stated that we...
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    Uzumlu ... Anyone?

    Hi. Any site members from Uzumlu ? We are hoping to move to the area when our uk property has sold and would like to make contact with site members from the region. Regards A&P
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    Restrictions on non nationals purchasing a property in Bodrum

    Hi We are researching the possibility of purchasing a home in central Bodrum. What restrictions apply to non nationals owning property in this area? and do they apply to certain areas only or a defined location or are they set to a distance from a key point? How would we be able to tell if a...
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    Laser eye surgery in Bodrum?

    Hi all. We are visiting Bodrum in May/June for a holiday and are seeking advice on (long sighted) laser eye surgery performed in the Bodrum area. Does anyone know of any clincs/hospitals which provide this ? Any info about the service, price and contact details would be brill. Thanks!
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    Retiring to Side

    Hi. We are planning on retiring to the Side region in approx 18 months and are seeking advice, tips and information about the area and life in general. We are doing our online research, but think that gaining knowledge from 'locals' and members from this site will be invaluable. We are...
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    Hello to all !

    Hi, We are hoping to retire to Turkey within the next 18 months and have joined this site to seek information, advice and to make friends. We have lots of questions to ask and look forward to linking up with fellow members. Regards A&P
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