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    painting on porcelain?

    Hello everybody please can somebody tell me is if there is a class or a club that offers lessons for painting on porcelain in the Bodrum area? Thanks for your responses
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    communal electricity problem

    hello, since about 3 years we are following this forum with interrest we think we posted our question in the wrong forum (gumusluk forum) and we should have posted it in the legal questions department we would greatly appeciate it if you could find time to give your opinion about this this is...
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    HELP needed communal electricity!

    hello everybody, we would be so gratefull if somebody could explain this: we live in a complex in gumusluk, there are 12 properties A type: 100²m, 64 properties B type 74 ²m and 8 properties C type of 88 ²m since 3 years the communal electricity has always been divided equally between the...
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    laundry service in yalikavak

    :438qr: hello everybody, does anyone know if there is a laundry service shop in yalikavak and the adress? tanks, els&jan, olive hills gumusluk
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    sales period

    hi, we're comming to bodrum january 6 and we're plannig to shop for furniture in bodrum and izmir, can someone tell if there is a 'sales period' in turkey in january as there is in our coutry? any suggestions for shops in izmir?
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    els and jan from belgium

    hi everybody, we are els and jan from belgium happy to join this forum, we bought a duplex in gumusluk, in a project called 'the olive hills', where we will be spending vacations regularly anyone else fom this forum over there? we will come over to our house in january and except from the fact...
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