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    Ripo Homes - Mahmutlar

    Has anybody had experience of, had dealings with, or any knowledge of this company? Are they reputable? Thanks
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    Aidat debts

    Apologies if this has been covered before. If an apartment is sold with aidat debts, and the new ( buying) owner is aware of this, who is then responsible for the debt after transfer of Tapu? Can anybody point me towards a point of law that covers this? Thanks in advance.
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    Lawyers in Mahmutlar

    Hi Does anybody know of a lawyer in Mahmutlar, or has an office in Mahmutlar,or are they all in Alanya? Thanks
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    How to enforce Sennets in Turkey?

    Hi, can anybody help me with the procedure of enforcing a sennet. Does this need to be started by using a lawyer, or can you go to the Court house and register your debt, and then will they enforce it for you? Any idea of the time scale. Thanks
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    Car driver sought.

    Does anybody know of a way to trace the owner of a vehicle in Turkey using the registration number, and if so, how? Have been to the police. and as it is, to them, a minor issue, they are not really interested. Thanks
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    Wheel chair wanted for rent/borrow

    Can anybody help with the rental of a wheelchair for a couple of weeks in September? Thanks
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    Need a lawyer - Legal Aid in Turkey?

    Hi Does anybody know if there is a scheme in Turkey, ( as there is in the UK) where you can get help/assistance with legal fees? If so, would be grateful for any help, information etc . Thanks
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    Turks and roundabouts

    Can anybody see, or understand why the Turks stop on a roundabout to give priority to those joining. Soooooo many times it causes a gridlock as they all give way to others and nobody can move. To me, this defies logic and just does not make sense.
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    Traditional Turkish breakfast

    Hi Can anybody recommend a restaurant in the Alanya area that serves a typical and traditional Turkish breakfast, and approximate cost. Thanks in advance.
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    Child care

    Hi. I know this is may be a delicate subject, with many possibilities and opinions, and being in Turkey, probably no cut and dried answer, but some views/opinions or experiences will be of help. In brief, 6 year old child, Turkish father, UK mother. Mother and child live full time in Turkey...
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    Does AGM have to be held in Turkey?

    Hi. Can anybody advise if the annual AGM has to be held in Turkey? Thanks
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    Villa wanted in Gold City

    Hi I love the Gold City complex and am looking for a villa there to buy. Is any member selling a villa there, or know of somebody who is. Please pm me. Many thanks
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    Annual complex meetings.

    Morning all. As this will be my first owners meeting, I have no idea what should or should not happen, nor what the procedures are. Would anybody happen to have a list/info on the rules/regulations that apply to the annual complex meeting? If so, I would be grateful for copy of this. failing...
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    Southampton promoted

    Well done Saints on getting back to the premier league, and Ricky lambert for being the championship player of the season.
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    Unpaid maint fees

    A friend of mine has been renting an apartment for 3 years, and decided to buy direct from the owner. The Tapu has been transferred to her name, and now she is being chased for the unpaid 3 years maint fees that the previous owner ( yes, he is Turkish) did not pay. With hindsight, it is easy to...
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    Builders and Aidat.

    yes, a very contencious issue. Are builders responsible for paying the maintenance on unsold apartments? If so, has anybody actually succeeded in getting them to pay, and if so, how did you go about this? Thanks in advance
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    Motorbikes and insurance

    Having had motorbikes in the UK for years, and a scooter here ( which I find boring, but practical) I have decided to buy a bigger bike, maybe 600c or 750cc, for the summer and a bit of touring. Having paid high sums in the UK for bike insurance, I thought I would enquire here first, before I...
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    Affordable 2 bed apt for sale

    Advertised on behalf of a friend who does not have internet access. Unused 2 bed/2 bathroom spacious apartment in Mahmutlar for sale. less than 400m to the beach and easy access to local amenities. Cost new about 70k Euro. Due to personal circumstances, owner is prepared to take a loss on this...
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    Mixed marriages

    Hi. I am a christian man and have been 'dating' a muslim women and have fallen in love. We would like to marry. As I understand, the main reason that 'forbids' this is in case the man tries top convert the wife, and subsequent children, from Islam. I have been living in Turkey 5 years,am...
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    Liver lovers

    For those of you that love eating liver, I was recommended to try a small restaurant in Alanya, and glad I did. It is one of those places that I would have usually walked past, but having been told it was good, I walked in. Between us we had liver shish and liver in butter. Both were excellent...
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