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  1. Maidmarion

    Please dont forget me

    May I take this time to say Think of me on your holiday Take the time to stand and stare You never know I might be there. I really miss my mum & dad My twin too It makes me sad I just want to take their hand And walk along the golden sand So don’t forget to think of me You never know where I...
  2. Maidmarion

    No Tapu as of yet: Electric & Water connection

    Re: New section for Legal questions Hi Merve, :) If I can get my tapu number off the agent where do I ring to find out how much longer I have to wait. 10 months and counting. Maidmarion :cell:
  3. Maidmarion

    Problems getting TAPU and connections

    Re: the truth about estate agents in Turkey Hi vjvodka, I am new so I am not sure how it works but here goes. We bought in Altinkum 10 months ago, we have NO Tapu, NO water, NO electricity and NO where to stay when we come over which has been 3 time since the purchase. The whole asking...
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