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    Home wanted for dog

    Hi İ know that many people always are looking for good homes for dogs but İ have been trying to look after a dog in Gundogan for 2 years.Yesterday she was knocked down by a car and had a leg ripped open from top to bottom.This has been stitched and she should recover OK.She lives on the side...
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    Turkish Bus Pass

    I see that for Resident Permit holders in Fethiye over 65 it is now possible to have a Bus Pass for use on the Belediye dolmus.Is this available in other areas
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    UKForex Dealers

    Hi.Just wondered if anybody has transferred money to their account in Turkey with this company.Are there any pitfalls.
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    Aegean Flights Credit Card Refunds

    Hi.Just wondered if anyone else is still waiting to have money refunded by their credit card provider after the collapse of Aegean in August.Still waiting for mine from Santander.
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    Dalaman to Bodrum 31st March

    I am arriving on a flight into Dalaman at 8.00pm on 31st March and need to travel on to the Bodrum Area.Is ther anyone else in the same position and willing to share transport costs.
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    Single Tariff Electricity

    I read on the forum that there are three different tariffs depending on the time of day.My bill shows a sigle tariff for all the units of electricity.Can anybody give an explanation for this and tell me how to change to the triple tariff system.
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