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    Bistro photos

    trying to attached photos
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    Village Bistro in Kadriye

    We went to the openning night of the new Bistro which is part of the established Irish Bar in kadriye last night. Ron and his wife Joyce own it - unfortunately due to a family bereavement Joyce had to go back to the UK and Ron really worked hard to continue as planned. He did a great job and a...
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    house insurance

    Our insurance in Turkey needs to be renewed in June. We have been quoted £346. We have a 3/4 Bed Semi detached villa in Belek valued at 135,000 euros + contents. Is this a fair quote?
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    Could some-one tell me what THASiS means on a tapu. It is in the box that should say value of property
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    asking for items to be delivered

    We would like to shop in Serik but lots of shop owners do not speak English. How do we ask "when can you deliver" and "we will pay cash on delivery" does anyone know if in fact shops operate cash on delivery basis in Turkey
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    flights to Antalya

    Just thought I'd mention we've just got a flight for £127 return end of March - hope to see Eclipse.
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    Maintenance Fees

    We bought a villa last June but are still waiting for the Tapu. When we were out there in September we paid our maintenance fee even though all plants and grass in our garden had died and the pool was unusable. Our water had also been cut off. Apparently not all owners had paid so the...
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    New member from Belek....

    Hi I am Janet married to Andy and we have just bought a duplex villa in Belek. We have been over a couple of times this year trying to get it all furnished etc., Going out again very soon. Has anyone else bought in this area - its lovely
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