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    Which emlak would you use?

    Hi All, I'm planning on putting my apartment up for sale in Altinkum when we fly out next week. Because of all the problems some people have had with Emlaks, I'm not sure which agent to use.. Would like some recommendations.. Please. Who would you use? I've already approached Crescent homes and...
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    Didim Marina View Duplex For Sale

    FOR SALE - 2 Bedroom Duplex Apartment close to 3rd beach and in great location with views of Didim Marina, sea and local countryside. This apartment was built in 2005 and is within a small complex of just 9 other apartments close to the Garden of Sun and Didim Beach Hotels. It’s approx. 5...
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    Reporting a Turkish Solicitor for misconduct?

    Hi All, A Turkish solicitor has made false accusations about me and other owners of our complex and defamed my character.. Where would I write a letter of complaint and report a Turkish solicitor for misconduct? Does anyone know the address and authority to contact? Any advice would be much...
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    Legal Installation or not

    We have had a Turkish family install solar water system on the communal roof of our complex without going through the legal procedings and in accordance with the turkish Condominium Law. The issue was not discussed in a committee meeting, no approval or record of the proposed work was written in...
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    Maintenance liability

    Hi all, If anyone can help I would like to know the answer to this question: If apartment owners in a complex have their apartment empty/vacant and don't have a water meter or electricity meters Are those owners exempt from paying any communal maintenance charges? I would think that All owners...
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    Good Architect in Altinkum

    Hi All, Does anyone know of a good building Architect in Altinkum who may be able to help with the issue of legality of swimming pools? Any suggestions and contact details of an English speaking Architect would be welcome.. Thanks Alan
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    Availability of Gaviscon

    Hi all, I'm due to fly out for 3 weeks hols later this week and unfortunately due to health problems I need to be able to buy some Gaviscon liquid. Can anyone tell me if this is available in Altinkum? Is it cheaper or more expensive than in UK? Thanks for any advice
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    Travel Insurance Problem?????

    Hi All, Just letting you know of a problem that many people may not be aware of! On 5th April I recently had to cancel my flight to Turkey 11th April, due to my sister suddenly passing away. I thought it would be straight forward to claim back my flight costs from my travel insurance company...
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    Jet2 Bargain Flight

    I've just booked with Jet2 to fly out to Bodrum from East Midlands 28th July and return 18th August (3 weeks) Price £543 (2 people) Thomas Cook cost for exactly same flights and booking wanted £200 more and Thomson Fly from EMA wanted £300 more. My first time flying with Jet2, hopefully...
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    Current Property Market in Altinkum

    Hi All, I'm considering selling our apartment in Altinkum this year, it's a two bed duplex only 200 metres from third beach, with great views of Didim marina. Can anyone give any indication of what I might be able to get for it at this moment in time? I paid £52K for it 5 years ago. Regards Alan
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    Registering a death in Turkey

    Could anyone help with advice? When a UK apartment owner dies, is there a specific time limit as to when their partner as to register their death in Turkey?
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    UK Petition for Fairer Voting System

    If you want to help and support change in the Political voting system, show your support by signing this petition, Mend Our Voting System If you are sick and tired of the existing first past the post voting system because we always end up with either a Tory or Labour Government, then this is...
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    Expectant Mothers to be! Beware of Strep B

    Hi All, I'm posting this story hoping it will help to save the life of new born babies anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, my daughter and her partner have just had the terrible ordeal of having to bury there very first baby who was only 8 days old. My daughter gave birth to Amy Kate on the...
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    5 Star Rubbish Tip

    Hi All, We've just arrived back home after an enjoyable two week holiday in Altinkum, the only memory that spoiled the holiday was the amount of rubbish accumulating in around the resort. We were shocked to visit the area around third beach, with three 5 Star Hotels and the new £50 milllion...
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    General Communal Maintenance?

    It seems there is a growing problem on some complexes where some owners are refusing to pay for the yearly communal maintenance for such as shared swimming pools and gardens etc. I would like peoples views on this and what should be done to force owners to pay their share? Why do people refuse...
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    Water Damage Warning

    Just got back from a nightmare weeks holiday from Altinkum where we found our apartment and contents damaged by water. It seems that during the last winter months our drain hole grill covers had got blocked with muck and dead leaves allowing water from heavy rainfall to build up and make our...
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    Marina Officially Opening 28th May

    After years of rumours and planning the Marina is officially Opening. Article from Oracle Newsletter. The 28th May 2009 will be a very significant day in Altinkum,as this will be the official opening of the Newest and Largest Marina on the Aegean Coast. Reports are that there are around 100...
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    Declaring Property Purchase Price

    We all know the problem of the builders and Estate agents of under declaring the true purchase price on the Tapu in order to avoid paying too much tax, therefore leaving it upto the individual buyers to actually declare the true purchase price to the tax office. But how many people have abided...
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    Dask Query?

    I have a query and interested to know what other people do about renewing their Dask insurance cover. We all know that it is compulsory to have a Dask certificate for earthquake insurance through the Turkish Government, but how many people actually renew there insurance after the first years...
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    Can't live on $43,000,000

    Anyone seen the article on the news this week about the American lady getting divorced from her husband and has said she can't afford to live on the $43,000,000 settlement. She now wants $100,000,000! Can you believe it? Probably cheaper to hire a hit man! LOL I'm really glad I didn't marry...
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