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    Hi there to all We will be comming out to Bodrum on 14 Aug, We will be passing Kippa about 22.00pm does anyone know what the opening times are!!! Jim :28:
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    Essentials like Efes

    Hi to all, can anyone help me we will be arriving at Bodrum airport at approx 11.30 pm on 11th April. So far so good, But after picking up our hire car & filling in the neccesary paperwork we can expect to be driving thro Yalikavak on route to Gumusluk at about 01.30am can anyone tell me if the...
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    fishing trip

    Does anyone know how much it would cost to charter a boat with a Captain for about 8 people to go on a fishing trip for about 4/5 hours. Somewhere around the Bodrum Peninsula in August. Also to be included rod's & equipment to hire. Jumbo
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    Festivals in Gumusluk

    Hi we are going out to Bodrum (Gumusluk) on the 31st July for two weeks does anyone know if there are any local festivals that take place in that period. Jumbo
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    Tapu 8 month delay

    After waiting for over 2 years to obtain our tapu thro our developer we deceided to engage an independent solicitor to get military clearance & tapu in December last year. They quoted 4-6 months last month they contacted us to say our tapu was ready for collection YES!!!. Our friends who have an...
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    Turkish wages

    We are a community on a complex in Bodrum we are about to eradicate ourselves of our incompetent existing management company who also happens to be our developer. We are considering putting a tender out for our services. We will require a couple of gardeners/security/maintenance. My question is...
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    Clocks go back in October

    Hi to everyone I have been led to believe over recent years that when our clocks go back 1 hour in October & forward in March that in Turkey it was very much the same. I have been told that as from this year in October, Turkey will not be adjusting there clocks anymore. Can anyone shed any...
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    Car hire Bodrum

    Hi I am trying to book a car for 2 or 3 days from 25th Aug pick up at Bodrum airport drop of at Gumusluk, Yalikavak, or Turgutreis. I have tried economy car rentals, Valley car rentals, Gordion, & several others. I am aware that it is a busy period & that some companies are not interested in...
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    British will

    We have recently returned from Bodrum we have an apartment on a complex.We do not have our tapu yet but while we were there some friends turned up and told us that there solicitor had informed them that there tapu was ready for collection. When they arrived at the solicitors office to pick up...
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    Hiring a boat/gullet

    Hi I was wondering if any of you guys out there can help. We are considering hiring a boat/gullet with Captain for a few days to take about 12 people for a trip to Dalaman from Turgutreis & back with about 4 stop offs on route for sightseeing etc. Has anyone got any ideas of costs involved &...
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    Tapu's & Mismanagement

    Hi to everyone We purchased our property in Gumusluk off plan Nov 05, In June 06, our developers asked us for £695 so they could proceed with the application of our Tapu so we obliged by sending the money. After several e-mail’s & conversations We were informed in Aug 07, that our application...
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    St albans to Bodrum

    Hi to everyone at TLF I have been aware of this forum for quite a while now & have decided to finally introduce ourselves. My name is Jim & the wife is Esme. We have had about 8 holidays to various parts of Turkey in 10 years from Kusadasi to Mahmutler near alanya. They have all been great...
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