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    Time to go

    Our Datca adventure is over as we have now sold our apartment. The time was right for us to sell as we hope to retire soon and play lots of golf We were sad to sell as we love Datca but we had a good offer and managed to sell for more than twice the amount we paid for the apartment . Thank...
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    House Insurance

    If you are shopping around for house insurance can I suggest you try Anadolu Sigorta who are based approx 100 yards from Migros on the way into town. We previously used Intasure but decided to shop around because their premiums were getting considerably higher. Nilgun at Anadolu speaks perfect...
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    Return Flights in September

    We are coming out to Datca on 25th August and plan to stay for two weeks but not yet booked our return flight. Looking at return flights it looks like this year the later you leave it the cheaper the flight. We have some flexibility on the date we come back so we are thinking of booking the...
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    Dalaman Airport to Datca 25th August

    DALAMAN AIRPORT ( DLM )_Datca_Transfers We have quite a few threads on transfers from and to Datca and I was thinking that the quickest and most economical way would be to book a private transfer all the way to Datca and then try and share the cost with others making the journey. Is anyone is...
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    Effes dark brown

    Just back from Turkey having initially flown into Istanbul and spent five days in Istanbul before taking the 15 hour coach ride down to Datca for some much needed R&R . Coach trip actually very good and time went quickly Istanbul for those who have not been is in my opinion well worth a visit...
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    Mavi pide

    Just back from another relaxing trip to Datca and wanted to say a quick thank you to whoever posted the recommendation to try Mavi Pide Restaurant which is just before the Bozburan turning on the Marmaris to Datca (sorry can't remember who posted) . We stopped for lunch yesterday on our way to...
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    Sky sports in datca

    Hi all We are coming out to Datca on Saturday and wanted to know if Sky Sports and in particular the Spurs v Birmingham game is going to be shown in any of the bars or will I need to go to Marmaris to watch the game. I was really hoping Blues would be safe by now but they like to keep you...
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    Hi, Had some good rates from this Company for car rental for this year. Have any TLF members used them or know of them?
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    Ali Bahcetepe/Folk Dancing

    Ali Did anyone see this guy breaking the concrete blocks in Datca last weekend. I believe he was trying to break the world record. My Turkish is not very good so does anyone know if he did break what I believe was his own record. Regardless of whether he did or didn't it was seriously...
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    LPG Car Hire

    With Petrol prices so high in Turkey does anyone know of any car hire companies that operate from Dalaman who hire cars that run on LPG. Most fuel stations supply LPG and it is a cleaner and much cheaper fuel. Our car in the UK runs on LPG and we only pay between 40p and 50p a litre with no...
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    Small Waterpark in Datca

    We have just come back from Datca and noticed a very small waterpark has opened up. We tried it and although it only has 2 slides the pool and restaurant area are excellent and you do not pay for the use of the slides or the padded sun loungers (The only thing they expect is for you to buy...
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    Golf Driving Range and Paintball centre

    Has anyone been to the Driving Range or Paintball Centres just outside Datca. I passed 2 signs the last time I drove from Datca to Marmaris which advertised the range which was signposted to the left and another sign which advertised paintballing to the right. If anyone has been to either...
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    Haggling in Datca

    One of the lovely things I have found in Datca is the slow pace of life.Unlike many parts of Turkey you are not hassled by hawkers trying to sell you anything from holiday soveniers to lunch. This also means that I have found that haggling when it comes to buying goods does not seem to be the...
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    Turkish Bath

    Has anyone tried the Turkish Baths in Datca. We have just come back from Datca and found the baths tucked away in a side street.They looked very "authentic" and we thought about using them but in the end we chickened out out did the tourist option in Icemeler. If anyone knows anything about...
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    Sad News

    We have just got back from Datca and whilst we were there we heard that Dave Thomas who some of you may know has sadly passed away. I only knew Dave via email correspondence however he was always very helpful and I am sure we will all miss his contributions to the forum. One of the really sad...
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    Zeytin Dali Apartments

    Hi I was wondering if anyone else has bought an apartment on this new development. I know that Dave Thomas and myself are having apartments built and it would be good to hear of anyone elses experiences who are buying on the same development. We have bought via Serkan at MyvillaTurkey and...
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    Military Permission

    Hi I read in an earlier thread that the new property law may spell an end to the requirement to obtain military permission however the post said that it had not yet been confirmed. Does anyone have an update on this. Thanks in advance.
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    Dalaman to Datca

    I was wondering how all of you who have property in Datca make the trek from Dalaman Airport to Datca. Our apartment will not be ready until around August time and I was going to hire a car but wondered what alternative means of transport people use together with costs and availability. :cool:
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    Buying in Turkey through myvillaturkey

    Hi I thought I would start a journal off to show how we have found the buying process in Turkey. Buying a property in the UK is stressful enough but the thought alone of buying abroad is enough to put anyone off so I thought I would let you have our experiences as they happen. These are...
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    Mir Mir Bar

    Hi I have just returned home after a few days looking for my home in the sun. Datca is definately the place for me and I have put a deposit on an off plan apartment. As anyone who has been to Datca knows it is truly a wonderful place. I would like to put in a recommendation for the Mir Mir Bar...
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