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    Promised english translator in kemer

    If any one needs a promised English translator in Kemer/Antalya please PM me.I have got my certificate a month ago;)
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    6 Bedroom villa Kemer/Goynuk

    Our 6 room luxury villa is available for holiday stays.Maximum capacity is 15 pax.Its about 15minutes walking distance from the beach.There is private big swimming pool.In master bedroom there is a water bed.4 bathrooms one with jacuzi.Teras is looking to the mountains and orange gardens.Not...
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    HOUSE TAX before end of May 2012

    Hello All, Its time to pay house taxes to Belediye before end of may 2012.Otherwise there is a fine to pay.You need to go with a copy of your tapu.
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    Military aircraft will be sunk on 30th August

    Anyone interested to see the wreck of old military aircraft can come to diving after 30th august. The wreck will be in three islands area. 25m deep. Near Kemer.We are leaving from Kemer Marina everyday 10:00 am.Our boat name is Northstar.
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    6 Bedroom luxury villa holiday rental near Kemer

    Some corrections and new room added;) The house is situated in a village location,wonderful vacation home for small or huge family(max capacity 15 persons) is only 1400m (15 minutes walk) away from the pebbly beach. Quiet but near to everything you could require for a fun filled holiday. We are...
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    Garden Party 01.10.2010/17:30

    *****Garden Party***** we have organısed a party and to meet wıth TLF people and all people living around by. please PM me for more ınformatıon,,,,
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    La luna restaurant in kemer

    One of the best restaurant in Kemer,You can find the map in google or more information on the net.They are speaking English and if you make the reservation they come to pick you up and drop you back to your home,))
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    Christmas eve in navigator cafe marina

    There will be christmas eve in NAVIGATOR CAFE in the marina of Kemer.
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    Bad weather alarm for antalya

    hello all, Tonight its going to be a big storm and heavy rain alarm given for Antalya.The schools and all official offices are closed tomorrow.
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    Daily diving & diving courses

    hello all, Just to say that next week diving season is starting and anyone wants diving courses or daily divings pls pm me..;))
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    Tapu news new new

    Hello All, I saw on newspaper today that people who have their tapu but not made their (Kat mulkiyeti)is going to receive fines.please check if on your tapu its written (kat irtifaki) then you must change it.+ if you still don't have the habbitance certificate its going to be more fines and...
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    cheap telephone Calls

    Hi all, If you would like to make cheap calls from/to you can use VOIPWISE.Once you install it on your computer and put (10 Euro)credit.You will be able to call on a land line free and on a mobile it costs 0.15cent.Its better than skype.;))
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    thank you mustaq

    Thank you Mustaq for the Kemer forum;)) Hope to see people from Kemer;)
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    meeting in Kemer Navigator cafe/marina

    Hi, Is it possible to organize a TLF meeting at (navigator cafe)in Marina Kemer.For those who are interested pls let us meet on suggested date.:baby: :clock::amen:
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    umbrella for garden

    Hi All, I just bought a nice umbrella for my garden,Its 3m high 2.45 wide its in sale at 5mMigros Antalya (mudo concept) for 200TL instead of 275TL.Here is the picture.
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    new system for swimming pools

    Hello all. If you need info about skimmer (liner)swimming pools.We have just made our pool this system its wonderful.Especially for antibacterial and cleaning its very useful.No need for a person to come and take care of the pool,you can do everything by yourself.And its cheaper chemicals than...
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    diving in kemer

    hi. My husband is Belgian and I am Turkish.Married 2.5 years ago.We live in Kemer now.We love the weather and people here.Its like holiday here everyday.We are working in the diving school.There are nice places to dive especially 3 islands and a ship called Paris which was sank in the time of...
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    uk property villa in goynuk near kemer/antalya

    Hello. There is a English lady who wants to sell her villa because she has to place her finances elsewhere. It's really lovely villa with 4 bedrooms.With balconies over looking the sea or the mountains.This lady has asked me to help her because I am Turkish and have just bought a house in the...
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