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    Question Evaluation report

    Hi, Does anyone know the approx cost of the evaluation/ valuation report required for selling your property in Turkey thank you
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    Tapu office

    Tapu office Hi, can anyone tell me where the tapu office for the Tuzla area is located. Thanks
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    Transfer money

    Hi, can anyone help. I have been trying to transfer money from my garanti bank to a friends finansbank account using IBAN number. It comes out of my account then soon after goes back in and I get message saying “due to inconsistency between account number and recipient information amount has...
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    Knitting wool

    Hi, does anyone know of any shops selling wool , especially Turkish made wool, in or around Bodrum area? Thanks
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    Changing Money

    Hi, Can anyone confirm if the restaurants and Migros still accept English notes Thanks
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    Carrying identification

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if the new law about carrying I.d. is being strictly enforced? Has anyone had any experience of how it is operating. What happens if you don't have id? Will be in Bodrum area Just a bit concerned about carrying the whole families passport about with me. Thanks Sasha
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    Patio Cushions

    Hi Can anyone advise where to buy, at a reasonable price, large cushions for patio? Bodrum and surrounding area Thanks
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    Bodrum to London via Istanbul

    Can someone advise if travelling from bodrum to London via istanbul with Turkish airlines do you check in at domestic or international Thanks
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    lakeside gardens

    Hi Has anyone bought on lakeside gardens? have you been advised that your property is 95% ready? Has anyone been near that area recently to know if the roads, amenities, beach , pools etc are finished? We got a letter yesterday to say they want the last instalment on the due date 31/5/08 but...
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    surveyors fees

    Hi all I am sure i have seen something on the forum about surveyors fees but cannot find it again.can someone point me in the right direction? Also what is everyones thoughts on getting a survey done for a new build in Turkey? Do you think it is necessary? My lawyer says it will be £500.00. That...
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