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  1. Sha Hoorsur

    Life's not fair.

    Philip Schofield lies to his wife about being gay for over twenty years, and people call him brave for coming out. My wife's just found out I bought another motorbike over a month ago, and I'm a devious bast**d. Life's just not fair. :noidea:
  2. Sha Hoorsur


    If you receive an email with the heading. S Club7's greatest hits. Don't open it. It contains S Club7's greatest hits.
  3. Sha Hoorsur

    Mollag's a Scotsman.

    Iceland links The study also discovered that some of the founders of Iceland may have originated from north-west Scotland and Ireland and that the Isle of Man is genetically predominantly Scottish.3 days ago Scotland's genetic landscape echoes Dark Ages | The ... › news ›...
  4. Sha Hoorsur

    i-phone 10

    To the person who lost an i-phone 10 near the Fethiye branch of McDonalds. WILL YOU PLEASE STOP CALLING MY NEW PHONE!!!!.
  5. Sha Hoorsur


    Can admins do a better job of monitoring who is allowed in here please?! We have a new member, an elderly woman. She's been privately messaging people, sending them naked pictures of herself in nasty poses along with close ups of her unmentionables. She is offering an iphone 8+ in exchange for...
  6. Sha Hoorsur


    WARMING!!! If youse gets a link called 'free porn' dont opin it?!!#* It is a birus wich deactivate you spellcheck and garblis up you riting. I also receibed it but lukily I dont does porn so I dint opin it. Warn al1 you vriends!!
  7. Sha Hoorsur

    Hurricane. USA.

    Regarding the Situation in Florida. I just talked to a friend, who lives in Miami. He told me that it has started raining copiously since last night and the sea level has risen considerably. Between the accumulated water and the one that continues falling, already reach a height of 6.50 m, and...
  8. Sha Hoorsur

    Donald Trump. Doing rather well.

    Just watched President Trump interviewed by Piers Morgan. He confirmed that the US economy is doing better than expected, unemployment is falling, particularly for women and black Americans. Is it possible all the negative rubbish reported about him was a load of bull $h!t. It's certainly...
  9. Sha Hoorsur

    Riots in Iran

    Mass protests against the government in Iran. Apparently unemployment is running at 60% in some areas. It's only a matter of time before Trump gets the blame.
  10. Sha Hoorsur

    Drink driving warning.

    DRINK DRIVING WARNING I know we car owners are responsible, but this is a warning to be careful about drink driving as we are getting close to Christmas. A couple of nights ago, I was out for a few drinks with some friends after work. One thing lead to another and I had a few too many pints and...
  11. Sha Hoorsur

    Self service checkouts, bah humbug.

    I was in Asda the other day, and like all the other supermarkets they are increasing the number of self service checkouts and reducing the number of staffed ones. The result is that there is always a big queue at the staffed checkouts, so if I an only buying a few items I am forced to use the...
  12. Sha Hoorsur

    R.I.P Chuck Berry

    One of the true musical greats, and my favourite artist of all time. Rest in peace Chuck.
  13. Sha Hoorsur

    Rail strike outrage.

    You would think it was a global catastrophe if you believed the coverage on UK TV. This outrage even had precedence over the events in Syria. That insufferable tw@t Piers Morgan was on brekky telly this morning calling for all train drivers and conductors to be sacked without notice. So how did...
  14. Sha Hoorsur

    Scam alert.

    Pay pal scam. I received an e-mail supposedly from pay pal, confirming a purchase I had made for £51.00, and if it was a mistake they provided a link for my to click onto for a refund. I may be old but I'm not stupid, I have an e-mail address that I only ever use for pay pal and nothing else...
  15. Sha Hoorsur

    Quality of life.

    Scots 'have better quality of life than the English': Brussels bureaucrats claim they're more tolerant and their schools are superior • England ranked lower than Scotland and Northern Ireland in the new study • The Welsh have a lower quality of life than the English according to the EU •...
  16. Sha Hoorsur

    England beats Germany

    At long last England has finally beaten Germany at something; The English have now been named as the most unpopular people in Europe, a title previously held by the Germans. :gulme:
  17. Sha Hoorsur

    Morning Star. Ovacik.

    I hear the Morning Star in Ovacik is no more, does anyone know if this is true? We used to enjoy the company in there, especially the quiz nights.
  18. Sha Hoorsur

    Tory revival in Scotland.

    The unthinkable has happened, and the Tory party are seeing a surprising revival in their fortunes north of the border. I think this is due to the “U” turns on their more outrageous budget proposals, and also Ian Duncan Smith proving that despite being a Tory, he is a man of principal. The...
  19. Sha Hoorsur

    David Cameron

    David Cameron has been criticised because he was overheard saying that Nigeria and Afghanistan are two of the most corrupt countries in the world. They surely can’t knock the guy for telling the truth. He’s only telling it like it is!
  20. Sha Hoorsur

    Bah, Humbug!

    Well, that’s Christmas over for another year. I must be getting old, because I’ve had it up to my “whatsits” with schmaltzy “here comes Santa” movies, and assorted choirs singing the same old carols we have all heard a thousand times before. Go down the shops and you have to suffer the sally...
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