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  1. Holty

    24 hours to go...

    Well this time tomorrow i'll be in Turkey....Wearing a track out on the living room carpet at the moment i'm pacing around that much, lol!! :48:
  2. Holty

    Mosquito bite prevention

    Anybody got any useful tips to stop mosquito bites? SWMBO is a proverbial pin cushion at the moment..
  3. Holty

    Creepie crawlies

    After reading a thread about the capture and release of a snake on another part of the forum i just wondered if there were any creepy crawlies or snakes in the area that i needed to keep an eye out for?
  4. Holty


    Incredibly addictive, sorry in advance, lol!! Splash Back - get all of the globs off the screen by pumping them Level 16's my best..
  5. Holty

    Bit late, but i thought i'd better..

    Hi all, its recently come to my attention that forum ettiquete says you really ought to introduce yourself so here goes... Hi i'm Mark b/f of Gaynorr (who's also registered on here). I'm from Chorley, she's from Liverpool and Turkeys our usual destination for the summer. This will be my second...
  6. Holty

    Dolmus after 11pm

    Hi all, can anyone tell me if the dolmus up to Geris village runs after 11pm and if it dosn't, how much is a taxi back up there from Yali likely to cost? The answer to this could well save our holiday...
  7. Holty

    Boat trip music

    While on holiday in Ortakent last year we saw a boat excursion leaving in the morning with the catchiest Turkish tune imaginable, just wondering if anyone on here has any idea what it may have been?
  8. Holty

    Geris village

    Hi all, i'm new to the forum and wondered if anyone new this place (Geris village, Kavaklilar site) and were abouts it is in yalikavak. I'm spending 2 weeks there shortly and wondered how easy it was for our transfer to find? Thanks, Mark
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