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    Buying Coach Tickets in Dalyan?

    Is there anywhere in Dalyan you can buy Kamil Koc(or other companies)Long Distance coach tickets,or will I have to go into Ortaca to buy them. Any help would be appreciated. Bob.
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    Quizzes in Altinkum

    I am a bit of a pub quiz fan :kitapoku: . Does anyone know where any quizzes are held in Altinkum. I know of the Big Nose Bar quiz,but wondered if there are any more? Bob
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    Can anyone point me in the direction of a pushbike shop in Altinkum. I expect the large supermarkets may be selling them,but I was wondering if there is a specialist shop anywhere in Altinkum? Bob
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    Mona Lisa

    When I was out in March,the old Mona Lisa Restaurant on the corner of Main beach Esplanade had been demolished, Does anyone know what is happening there now? Bob
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    Altinkum to Dalyan by coach

    Is it possible to travel to Dalyan from Altinkum by coach? I have read various references to coach travel on the forum,and I am hoping someone can help. If a coach does go somewhere near,say to Koygeciz,Ortaca,or even Fethiye,then I expect a dolmus could take me the rest of the way. Any...
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    Live Music

    Do any of the bars in Altinkum feature live music? Bob
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    Altinkum Beaches

    Apart from the main beaches in Altinkum,can anyone recommend any other small beaches or coves nearby,where it might be possible to escape the crowds for a day[?] Bob
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    Eating and watering holes

    Roughly how many Restaurants/Bars are there in Akbuk[?] We all know about The Ipek Yolu,but if I am to embark on a pub crawl of Akbuk,I need to know how many stops I will have to make:):) Bob
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    On Your Bike?

    Is there a reliable bicycle hire shop in Altinkum[?],as I thought it might be a good idea to explore the area a little more,when I visit. Any machine I hire would have to be robust,as it would have a fair bit of weight to carry[:I],and would also have to be fitted with Auto pilot for late...
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    Eurovision mix up

    Shouldn't the UK entry - Touch My Fire - sung by Javine;in fact be the Turkish entry[?][?] The song sounds just as Turkish as any Turkish pop song that you hear when in Turkey!!! I wonder if the Turkish entry has a British sound(whatever that might be)[?][:p]
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    Tinky here I come !!

    YEESSS....Just booked a week in Altinkum starting 17th.June:D:D:D Going to look at properties while I am there(only looking as I have to sell my house in England first):( Staying at the HOTEL AVSAR.......Does anyone know exactly where this is[?] Maybe someone could post a grid reference from...
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    If I wanted to buy a scooter or similar in Turkey,do I need a Turkish license,or is my UK car license acceptable;or do I need a UK motorbike license. Thanks in advance for any replies. BOB
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    Hello,please let me introduce myself to the Forum. I am a long time holidaymaker to Turkey,and now I intend to become an owner of a Turkish property. The problem is though;where should I buy? I really like every place I have been to,so the decision is a hard one. Seriously looking at Altinkum...
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