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    Problem accessing members properties

    Hello everyone, Whilst I can access members properties for sale forum I cannot list my property for sale. I am upgrading and want to sell my current one. When I go on the forum, I go to new thread, to post my advert and it says I dont have permission to access the area. I have been a...
  2. J

    Flushing toilet paper

    Hello everyone, Can someone please clear up the confusion for me that you can or cannot flush toilet paper down the loo in Turkey. More accurately Asem Prestige, Altinkum, where I have an apartment. Many Thanks to you all Regards Tony
  3. J

    New member looking for a property

    Hello everyone. my name is Anthony and joined this site yesterday. Its like a whole new world reading all the threads and posts, it seems everyone knows everyone else. Fantastic, and I will try to play within the rules with this introduction. From the UK and been to Turkey this year after...
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