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    Question How do you which neighborhoods you can no longer apply for your TRP in?

    But remember that they can change just like that there is talk of Alanya shortly.
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    Black Lives Matter

    Well there was plenty of stopping places.
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    Well. There was 3 of us had them on Tuesday Market people looking as if we had 2 heads I've never stopped wearing mine in the market.
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    What did you have tonight

    Hilsjw will tell you the hubby is an expert.
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    Black Lives Matter

    Police I don't think where like this many a year ago I blame the new youth. We grew up with good Bobby's ,
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    UK Cost of Living

    Is it right bloomberg saying inflation is 10.1% in the UK to day.
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    UK Cost of Living

    Under stand fully so really the farmer needs to help with with passable accommodation for the the duration of time if they're loosing that much money surely it would be a good investment? Many years ago they had a system in place you could sign on and work if it was park time and the benefits...
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    UK Cost of Living

    A lot of people just don't want hard work it's beneath them. I wouldn't give them a choice no work no money. But they can't because of human rights. It's the same in turkey now the young just want to sit and drink coffee on their mobiles and live off mam and dad.
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    Missing members

    You are right. A lot found the new platform harder to manage.
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    Missing members

    Maybe nothing worth talking about didn't old fogy sell up and buy a boat?
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    I know this has nothing to do with Ukraine. But turkish exports have gone up 46% in the last 3 months to Russia. No further comment
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    News Meteorologists warn of torrential rain across country

    It can come on as heavy as it likes in alanya water runs down hill won't bother us, it will clean the streets.
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    Political jokes

    That could be the shops in Alanya.
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    UK Cost of Living

    I agree they should belong to the public none profit. But its like any privatised company it loses money because of the attitude of the workers and the bosses they just don't care because they know that their jobs are safe.
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    UK Cost of Living

    My overdraft limit has just gone up and I've never used it ever. I have to agree.
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    Watch The Lira Now

    Sterling and euro still dropping.
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    News Have they Finally Got to Salman ??

    He believes he has done nothing wrong hâla wanted it done but he failed he's still alive.
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    Question Who do the Tories want as their new Leader ?

    It's a sorry state of affairs when the majority still want BJ.
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    What did you have tonight

    Bloody northerners 😁
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    What did you have tonight

    Quiche mini roast spuds and veg.
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