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    English TV

    Hi everyone can any one tell me about UKTV and how to obtain it. Many Thanks
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    Selling Apartment

    Hi Guys I'm selling my apartment in Mahumutlar. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms,3 Balconies and it measures a 120 sq mtr. Less than 10 mins walk to the beach and 5 mins walk to shops, market and restaraunts. Shared pool and nice garden. Quick sale for 45.000 GBP PM if interested. Many thanks
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    English TV

    Hi everyone, So fed up with Filmon freezing does anyone know if Now TV would work here if l brought the box over from UK? Someone told me to try IPTV here, however when l went to the TV shop he wanted a ridiculous amount of money for a box. Thanks in advance Maria
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    Driving from Uk

    Hello everyone,, Can anyone tell me once your arrive in Turkey with a car full of stuff plus dog What the procedure is. Am l likely to face any difficulties. I am presuming l have to have an International licence. Are there any issues crossing through borders in the EU. Thanks in...
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    Driving from UK

    Morning everyone...just wondering if anyone has driven from UK to Alanya. I have so many bags thought this might be easier. If anyone has, what route did you take., l have heard it takes 3/4 days? Any help would be appreciated.:angel:
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    Moving to Akbuk

    Hi everyone, I hope to be moving to Akbuk in September. Can anyone please advise as to who would be the best provider for satellite, mobile phone. Many Thanks:hmm:
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    Thinking of Relocating to Altinkum

    Any advice would be welcome as I am thinking of moving to Altinkum from the UK. I am new to this forum and I would really like to meet new people and find out what the lifestyle in Altinkum is like for a British woman on her own. 😎:bigkiss: :eyeye: :307bt:
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