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    Visas at the airport

    Is it still possible buy a VISA at the Airport? Bill.
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    Funeral of Shimon Peres

    It was good to see so many Leaders and Former Leaders at the Funeral of Shimon Peres. Bill.
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    Is Russia guilty of a War Crime?

    Bombing resumes in Aleppo as Russia hits back at Britain over 'war crimes' claim The question has to be; is Russia guilty of a war crime, regarding the bombing of an Aid Convoy? Bill.
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    Hopefully another Isis scum-bag gets it.

    Death of Isil propaganda chief 'could see decline in attacks on West' I just hope that this report is true, and we see a slow down in attacks from these low-life. Bill.
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    RAF plays its part.

    RAF Typhoons hunt for Russian 'bandits' as Nato protects Baltic skies It's good to see the RAF playing a major role in this N.A.T.O. exercise. Bill.
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    Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter movement 'needed in UK' - BBC News Personally, I think that all lives matter. Whether they are Black, White or any other colour. Bill.
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    Wedding Anniversary.

    June and myself are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary today, so we will be going out for a celebratory meal tonight. Bill.
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    IOC and credibility

    Rio Olympics 2016: Wada criticises IOC for failing to ban Russian team - BBC Sport Have the IOC lost all credibility so far as performance enhancing drug use is concerned? Bill.
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    South African President

    Jacob Zuma painting: Are South Africans 'too free'? - BBC News Jaycey, I thought that this might interest you. Bill.
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    Cameron/Corbyn Question Time

    David Cameron to Jeremy Corbyn: For heaven's sake, go - BBC News Recently, it's rare for me to agree with David Cameron, but on this occasion I do go along with him. Although (from my perspective) to keep the Socialists out of power, I would rather...
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    Sir Cliff Richard.

    Sir Cliff Richard sex abuse inquiry: No charges for singer - BBC News It looks as though South Yorkshire police are in the news again, for all the wrong reasons. Bill.
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    British MP shot

    British MP Jo Cox 'injured in shooting attack' - News from Al Jazeera I don't know how accurate this report is, but it is an attack on our Democracy if true...
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    Trooping the Colour

    I watched the ceremony today on TV, and the training and precision of these troops, the Guardsmen in particular, never ceases to amaze me. Bill.
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    Prince Philip's birthday

    A very happy birthday to Prince Philip on his 95th. Bill.
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    Taliban leader killed by drone attack.

    Afghan Taliban's Mullah Mansoor 'killed in US strike' - AJE News Well it looks like these drones are doing a good job, in getting rid of these scum. Bill.
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    ecigarettes/useful or otherwise?

    Viewpoint: Are e-cigarettes really a menace? - BBC News Is there a place for ecigarettes in the world, surely if they can help to stop people from smoking they should be encouraged. Bill.
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    Best and Worst Prime Ministers

    The ten greatest prime ministers of all time ? and the five worst I think that this list is worth debating. Bill.
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    Happy Birthday Sir David.

    Sir David Attenborough: Tributes paid as he turns 90 - BBC News Have a very happy birthday, Sir David, you have made some great and enjoyable television shows over many decades. Bill.
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    Keith Harris and Orville have gone.

    Keith Harris, entertainer and ventriloquist, dies aged 67 - BBC News Another act from my younger days has gone RIP Keith Bill.
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    Celebrity Deaths in 2016

    Why so many celebrities have died in 2016 - BBC News Does this article explain the deaths of so many "celebrities" this year. Bill.
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