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  1. Acamas

    More heat than light

    Coming back to this forum after some months in Turkey I was disappointed. I returned to England with some practical questions and concerns about life in Turkey and thought it worth trawling the forum for info. The 4 months of postings that I had missed whilst away took up a bare 30 minutes to...
  2. Acamas

    Lol Epidemic!!

    There is a growing epidemic of the use of LOL in posts. Am i the only one who is irritated by the indiscriminate scattering of this? lol It is usually obvious that the post is humorous or meant to be taken lightly and the LOL is superfluous. IF not, it only take a few words or a phrase to...
  3. Acamas

    Electronic Turkish phrase translator

    Aldi has a special coming up on Thursday 31st August for Electronic language phrase translators for £14.99 (Turkish is one of the languages available). They seem cheap enough. I don't like using these sort of things but I know some of you do so here is the link if you want to check it out...
  4. Acamas

    Most crooks are dumb

    If you needed proof, here it is:;jsessionid=EQ225KH3VFGUXQFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2006/08/19/nthief19.xml
  5. Acamas

    Turkey to send troops to Lebanon?

    From today's London Times: World News August 17, 2006 Pleasing all sides will test...
  6. Acamas

    Oil slick heads for Turkey

    From today's Sunday Times: Directions: Oil slick bound for Turkey HOLIDAY BEACHES in Cyprus and Turkey are at risk from an oil slick that is being described by Greenpeace as the “worst environmental disaster ever experienced in the Mediterranean”. As much as 35,000 tonnes of oil has spilt...
  7. Acamas

    FREE software to manage your photos

    Here is some software that can help you manage your photos. It can help you orgainze, edit, enhance, resize (for posting on the forum), email make slideshows and batch convert your photos. This software is QUALITY OPEN SOURCE and is well worthwhile for the advanced user as well as the novice...
  8. Acamas

    British Airways £41 Gatwick Izmir all in!

    New fare structure from BA. I have just checked it out and there are plenty of deals to be had!
  9. Acamas

    Turkish killers family...

    FROM TODAY'S TELEGRAPH newspaper: Anger as 'honour killing' family try to adopt victim's son By Hannah Cleaver in Berlin (Filed: 19/04/2006) The family of an ethnic Turkish German woman executed by her brother in an "honour killing" has sparked outrage by applying for custody of her young...
  10. Acamas

    Istanbul bombibg today

    Istanbul blasts wounds 31 46 minutes ago ISTANBUL (Reuters) - A bomb explosion on a busy pedestrian street on the outskirts of Istanbul wounded 31 people on Sunday, police said, in the latest violence to strike Turkey in recent weeks. ADVERTISEMENT Istanbul's police chief Celalettin Cerrah...
  11. Acamas

    Turkish tourist threat

    FYI only. Taken from this morning's Sunday Times: The Sunday Times April 09, 2006 Directions: Turkish tourist threat The Kurdish terrorists behind last year’s Kusadasi bus bombing have threatened specifically to target tourists across Turkey this summer. The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons...
  12. Acamas

    Airport beer cost

    Be aware that at Izmir ADB airport a 0.5l bottle of Tuborg costs 12.5YTL. The other beers are also priced at similarly outrageous prices.
  13. Acamas

    Second ATM for Akbuk

    In addition to the Isbank ATM by the Belediye, a second ATM has been installed next to the Akguller market in Akbuk. It is an Akbank branded one. Not yet up and running.
  14. Acamas

    Lost thousands!!

    Seems like I, along with others, just got screwed by a crooked realtor and lost everything. More details when possible. Be careful out there!
  15. Acamas

    Smoking numbers

    HEAVY SMOKERS The world’s biggest tobacco markets (cigarettes sold in 2004) 1. China: 1,798.1bn 2. Russia: 365.7bn 3. United States: 360.4bn 4. Japan: 291.3bn 5. Indonesia: 127.5bn 6. Turkey: 123.4bn 7. Germany: 121.5bn 8. South Korea: 111.3bn 9. Ukraine: 103.5bn 10. Brazil: 101bn...
  16. Acamas

    Cheap phone calls to Turkey from UK

    This has been up before somewhere but here it is again for those who missed it first time around. Landline 3ppm Mobile 9ppm No sign up etc
  17. Acamas

    Airport transfer sharing

    I've just been having a look over the Forum calendar. For all the members we seem to have on the forum there didn't seem to be many details filled in for members trips. With all there are of us there MUST be times when we could save a bunch of money by sharing airport transfers. I have just...
  18. Acamas

    20 of the best Turkish hols...

    ... for singles, couples and families - according to today's Times newspaper:,,175-2033073,00.html Nothing there for me others may want to take a look.
  19. Acamas

    Gmail invitations available

    If you've been wanting a Gmail account with 2.5Gig storage you can get an invitation from here: If you have spare invitations you can donate here also.
  20. Acamas

    Turkey tops summer rush...

    An article from today's Times of London: Turkey tops the summer rush Tour operators are reporting a surge in bookings for summer holidays to the eastern Mediterranean country Turkey is not just for Christmas — it’s for our summer holidays too, according to tour operators who say that there...
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