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  1. Mary Gambrell

    Estate Agents

    Appoligies, this question must have been asked too many times, does anyone know a decent Estate Agent in Altinkum, we've owned our apartment for 10 years now and are looking to sell this year. We are on Yanus Cad just of Dolphin Square, Royal Apartments 3 bed apartment 123m2 floor space, only...
  2. Mary Gambrell

    Good plumber needed in Altinkum

    Anyone in Altinkum know a good plumber to take out a Jacuzzi disspose of it and to fit a enclosed shower unit. Dave
  3. Mary Gambrell

    Gordon To Raid Holiday Homes

    Chancellor BrownTo Raid Hi all, anybody read the papers today "Gordon to Raid Holiday Homes", Nearly a milliom Brits with holiday homes abroad could so face a tax probe.Taxman is entitled to information on people who have not declared income on money earned offshore.750,000 brits could end up...
  4. Mary Gambrell

    Multi Visa

    Hi, have been following the site for some while now this is my first entry.My wife and myself are just back from Altinkum and we are of again in 3 weeks to furnish our place at Royal Apartments just by Dolphin Square can you get a multi visa for the year from the Turkish Embassy in London, we...
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