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    Help please! Apartment Management Required

    Hi Everyone, I have just received a message that my management company is not operating from today and I have guests arriving on Monday night! Can anyone recommend someone who can do a key handover, transfer and deep clean on Monday and takje over management of the apartment? It is a 2 bed...
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    Please can someone help

    We are due to get our tapu from our developer next week but he wants us to pay £1500 in unpaid maintenance fees. Fair enough apart from the fact we believe no maintenance has been done. The security guy is no longer there, we believe the pool has not been filled so he has not actually had to pay...
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    Questions on transfer and picking up tapu (at last!)

    After what seems like an eternity, our military clearance went through and now our developer wants to sort out the tapu. I have a couple of questions as we want to make sure we have all the information and advice from all you experienced purchasers out there! How long does the process of...
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    Plumber wanted in Yalikavak

    Does anyone know of a reputable plumber who speaks (some) English around the Yalikavak area? Do they tend to charge a callout charge in Turkey or would it only be if we hired them to undertake the work? Thanks
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    Blue car rental

    Does anyone have the phone number for Blue Car Rental based in Bodrum on the marina as their website is no longer Blue's. I presume they are still in business? Thanks
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    Sacking our solicitor

    We've had no end of trouble trying to get in touch with our solicitor who is based in Bodrum, and we've finally decided to give them the boot. They never return our emails, cancel appointments at the last minuste and we're wondering what on earth they actually do for their huge fat fee! So, does...
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    November/December flights

    Does anyone know of any (cheap) airlines other than Onur that fly to Bodrum during November/December? (Before I get shouted at, yes I do appreciate that there didn't used to be any cheap flights over the winter!) Thanks.
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    Security Clearance Fee

    We have just been informed by our estate agent that we owe him a further £900 for a security clearance fee. I've never heard of this and it sounds like a very large sum of money. Is this normal? Thanks
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    Turkish lira - to buy or not to buy

    Does anyone know if you get a better rate buying lira in Turkey or should I buy it in the UK before I come over. Thanks
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    Being ripped off by developer?

    Our apartment was due to have been finished in July and we have just been informed that it is ready now. According to the contract we signed, the developer has to pay us compensation for every day he is late. That amounts to about £5000. He has been informed of this and his answer was that he...
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    Reassurance needed!

    We're just about to buy an apartment in Yalikavak but I'm getting really quite scared about the whole process. We've done all our homework (and more) and visited the area 6 weeks ago but our original property that we put an offer on fell through. The estate agent has now come up with another one...
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