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    Removal of dogs from an owner

    Please can anyone help??? My friend has three house dogs and last year bought her own apartment. The Turk downstairs has since she first moved in created a song and dance about the dogs saying that if she didn't get rid of them he would!!! She had a visit from the police about a month ago and...
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    changing TL back into £

    wonder if there any financial wiz kids out there that could help me please. I have TL which I would like to change back into sterling. I have a Turkish hsbc atm card which I can use in the uk but as I am coming out to Turkey in a couple of weeks I was wondering if I would get a better exchange...
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    tenants and justified warnings

    Hi all, wondering if someone out there can help explain the term " justified warning"..... this is relation to getting a tenant out under turkish law. I am researching this for a friend and we have found out that one of the ways of evicting a tenant is if the landlord has issued 2 justified...
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    closing a management committee

    Hi I hope someone on here can help. Last October the owners on my sitesi decided to formally create a management committee. We are only 6 apartments and knew that it was not compulsory to have one but were fed up of being ripped off by a self appointed manager (Turkish). I was elected as...
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    Duty free

    Hi can someone please clear up a duty free problem? I am flying from B/ham to Bodrum via Istanbul later this week. I assumed that I would be able to buy my duty free at B/ham , have the bag sealed and then just carry it with me until i reached Bodrum. But now I am being told by various people...
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    PAYG dongle

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to buy a PAYG dongle in Turkey? I have friends who use dongle sbut they are all on contracts and don't seem to know the answer to my question. Thanks in anticipation, barbara
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    hotel in or near alsancak wanted

    am planning on visiting izmir on 28th march till 2nd April with a friend. Does anyone know a REASONABLY priced hotel in or around Alsancak ....all we need is a clean bed and working shower . Thanks Barbara
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    Laser Eye surgery in Turkey

    Just wondering if any members have any experiences of laser eye surgery in Turkey. My friend would like to have her done in Izmir and has been in touch with various clinics asking about costs. The clinics are reluctant to quote prices and I think this may be done to the fact that until she has...
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    another RP question

    lady with own property in Bodrum..... has turkish bank account and understands requirements for residents permit but...... her 6 month old baby.....what do the turkish officials require for the child to get a residents permit. does the child have to have separate forms etc? Have posted this...
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    fines for late payments????

    just wondered what folks on here thought....last Oct I went to pay our site water and was one day late... this incurred a 2tl fine. Each month the residents on our small site (6 apartments) are supposed to pay 75tl for maintenace fees.... 2 of the residents (turkish) are constantly late...
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    another RP question

    Hi I am hoping that a knowldgeable member will be able to help.... My friend has a holiday property in Turkey and is at the moment on maternity leave in the UK. This year she would like to spend most of her maternity leave at her apartment and is aware of the changes to the visa rules. If she...
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    Information req'd

    Hi I am hoping that a knowldgeable member will be able to help.... My friend has a holiday property in Turkey and is at the moment on maternity leave in the UK. This year she would like to spend most of her maternity leave at her apartment and is aware of the changes to the visa rules. If she...
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    urgent help req'd with management committe

    I am an owner on a small site ( 6 apartments). Of the 6 properties 5 are owned by Irish and British citizens. The 6th one is owned by a Turksh guy who rents to his brother-in-law. The guy that is renting is a self appointed "manager". At present we have no official management committe but we are...
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    using my iphone when in Turkey

    can anyone please help. I have returned to Turkey and since being here last I now have an iphone 4. I tried for 2 days now to connect to a Turkish network but everytime I try I get a message saying network no longer available. Does anyone know why? Many thanks Barbara
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    Tapu date

    Can anyone help? I know that it is common practise to put a lower price on the Tapu and I know that it is better to wait the 5 yrs before selling BUT when is that date calculated from? Is it the date on the TAPU or the date an agreement to buy was signed? Many thanks Barbara
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    english will validity

    I bought a property in Turkey last year and have the TAPU. One of my jobs whilst back in the UK is to have my will updated leaving a copy of my Tapu with the solicitor here. Hope someone can give me a clear and concise answer to my question; In the event of my death, will the Turkish...
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    property management committees

    Hi, Can anyone shine some light on a problem that I ncannot solve? I currently own an apartment on a small complex of only 6 apartments. We have no formal management committee as such but we do have a Turkish guy who is employed by the builder as an estate agent/ aftersales manager. Everyone...
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    ataturk airport

    Does anyone know which terminal British Airways flight from London Heathrow land at when arriving at Ataturk airport? And secondly, which terminal do the Turkish Airlines internal flights leave from? Is the distance between terminals a long way? I don't know if I will have enough time to get...
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    visa/ medical insurance info

    This year I spent 6 months in Gumbet (April -Oct) and the issue of visas and medical insurance prompted much talk. I know the visa issue is supposed to be on hold till next year but have no idea when. Also is there any news on the proposed medical insurance for folks with a residents visa. My...
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    turkish airlines excess baggage charges

    Does anyone know where I can find out how much THY might charge for excess baggage. I am intending to fly from Uk with BA to Istanbul and their charges are quite reasonable if bnooked on-line but the I need to catch a connecting flight to Bodrum with THY and don't want to be "stung" with massive...
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